“Half-baked Lovers” tells us about three researchers

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“Half-baked Lovers” can be said to be a popular love variety at present. It no longer focuses on the love of young people in their twenties, but on the feelings of mature women in their thirties.Today, instead of talking about couples’ relationships, I’m going to talk to you about a couple of researchers in the observation room, and learn more about them through their perspectives on other people’s relationships.01) in two big sweet, sweet, said to the scene, we see in the screen, she is the datang glory kind insist, be shen pearl’s sense of honor, is that decades of extraterrestrial seed cane, sleeping is that beauty can be sayin hin, of course, there are viewing box office is not very good work, also experienced a “frog eye”, but the sweet scene itself or in the level of appearance.But this variety show found that you are “in the big sweet”.Love preferred levels in appearance, because want to give birth to a son “bang”, if the boy to her own cooking, exclaim, “wow” and others say that’s a good man, will feel “as if” others said that this man seems a little bit not enough meaning, and can feel “reasonable”, show guests terrier, explosive don’t pick up, right, sweet scene is the imagination of the giant, action dwarf,In the face of love, think very well.02. Rational Tang Yixin Tang Yixin has always been a sweet meimei, but lovely of the existence of love, a photo smile don’t know how to cure the person, and she and Zhang Reyun sweet love also don’t know for how many people did, although now have a mom, but the state is very good, and raise your hand is cast sufficient between mature a lot, plus some of the problems in the show view analysis rationally,It’s logical, it doesn’t just rely on citrus, and it radiates another kind of charm.However, tang yixin did not take many shots or speak much in the following issues.When it comes to Wang Ziwen, we often think of the first word may be quaint, indeed, Wang Ziwen has such a trait, but Wang Ziwen is never a person who will only be quaint.In the show, she is a very in the emotional psychology can see through others, everyone’s a movement, a look she can be sensitive to capture, and guess the meaning of them, don’t look down upon this kind of ability, it is enough to explain ziwen wang is a very wise woman, must be in a relationship is to grasp the initiative of the party.If the previous “heartbeat again” in wang Ziwen lively and lovely, that “half-cooked Lovers” in wang Ziwen absolutely high cold strong.People who watch the program may know that Wang Ziwen does not talk much in the program, expressing his opinions in a few words or two. When he meets with other people’s different views, there is a kind of although you can say, BUT I do not agree with you, so I have no expression to watch your performance. There is a hint of arrogance in respect, and a hint of disdain.One of these three observers is married and has children, one is in a relationship, and one is not in a relationship. It can be said that the situation of different people is integrated, and then we will discuss the guests with you.