Wild goose tower still | Spring Festival market prosperity smooth and orderly operation

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During the Spring Festival holiday, the yanta consumer goods market runs smoothly and orderly. Traditional consumption such as buying New Year goods and eating New Year’s Eve dinner continues to be hot, and the vitality of the consumer market is gradually recovering.”The Spring Festival has always been the peak period of concentrated consumption by citizens. In order to stimulate the continuous increase of consumption during the Spring Festival holiday, the whole district took active actions to guide key commercial enterprises in the area to carry out various themed promotional activities on the basis of epidemic prevention and control in the trade industry.”The relevant person in charge of the district commerce Bureau said that more than 30 key commercial enterprises in the district seized business opportunities, launched more than 100 rich and diverse, full flavor of the promotion activities, to meet the needs of festive consumption, active festive consumption atmosphere.Large supermarkets are running smoothly with sufficient supply of goods for the Spring Festival.In order to enrich the festival market, yanta supermarkets, markets actively organize supplies, to ensure the festival market supply.Major supermarkets take advantage of the situation to launch large and multi-form promotional activities such as full reduction, buy free, designated product discounts.Hema Fresh Products Store has launched an online promotion activity called “Year of Careless Box collection”, which provides users with various holiday gift boxes such as milk and nut boxes and offers super discounts.Qiulin Auspicious Department store launched “Shopping in Qiulin to buy Spring Festival goods” as the theme of the Qiulin Spring Festival goods festival, featuring cooked food, bittern products, cakes and other holiday gift boxes.New Year gift boxes have become a hot commodity.The commercial complex is popular and traditional cultural activities are full of lunar New Year flavor.Affected by the disease since December, jurisdiction business combination out of business for a long time, during the Spring Festival, after the resumption of its business, through the integration of the member many times, brand discount discount, quota reduction, send full draw a variety of promotional activities, such as inject vitality to the active holiday market, provide customers with a variety of choice and consumer experience, increasing service consumption.Dadu hui launched the New Year’s theme activity of “ZSPACE Trendy Music new Environment”. Various promotional activities such as 1 yuan for hard food gift box and 3 times bonus points for consumption were popular.All kinds of brands of the Military and Civilian Service agency have different degrees of discount promotion, huaqi International, Cade Plaza and other kinds of Spring Festival theme activities, the atmosphere is very active, to bring citizens a rich festival culture dinner.Quality goods are sought after and consumption upgrading trend is obvious.Quality is a key word in this year’s Lunar New Year shopping market.The sales of New Year’s custom goods, green food, jewelry, smart home appliances, digital products and so on have maintained a rapid growth, while the sales of organic cereals, green vegetables, health care products gift boxes and other health food are hot.Consumer demand for personalized, diversified products is growing, Jia Hui Han Tang Book city launched the New Year limited “gift book package”, let consumers.Strict epidemic prevention will be carried out both online and offline to ensure consumer safety and confidence.During the Spring Festival, people flow and gather more.In order to maintain the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements, Yanta strictly in accordance with the requirements of the normal epidemic prevention and control measures of the trade industry, strengthen inspection and supervision, to ensure that the commercial enterprises in the area strictly implement the requirements of “ten must, five strictly prohibited” and “eight passes” for the epidemic prevention and control and service guarantee of the trade industry.Normal protection measures such as personnel protection management, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, anti-aggregation, and one-meter noodle will be further standardized.To ensure that the people enjoy a safe, healthy, happy and peaceful Chinese New Year.