Why is the pensioner in such a hurry to take it?4 reasons are real. Are you one of them

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According to the regulation of social security law, reach emeritus age and the personnel that dealt with emeritus formalities, can get annuities by the month.General around the pension issue time is every month 15 to 20, I found that some old friends will queue up to the bank to receive pension.Many old people go to the bank early in the morning to queue up. Why does this phenomenon occur?You know, nowadays mobile phone payment and mobile payment methods are very convenient, many young people do not go to the bank.Old people line up at the bank to get their pension, so they can get more money?Many businesses can be handled through the Internet or mobile phones, when it is time to pay pensions, why do so many old people have to go to the bank queue?What’s the reason?In fact, there are four real reasons why old people queue at the bank on pension day. Are you one of them?1. Low level of pension.Many people are puzzled by the phenomenon of old people queuing for their pensions.Is the old man really short of money?Yes, there are many old people with poor pension.Although our pension has achieved 17 consecutive increases, the national average pension is about 3500 yuan.Some retirees in Beijing and Guangzhou, pension can reach 6000 yuan, 5000 yuan, they take money enough to spend two months, so need not frequently go to the bank to take money.But there are many retired people’s pension, only 1,000 yuan, especially some elderly people, because they retired early, social wage level at that time is low, the contribution base is relatively low, so their pension level is not high.Living in big cities, if retirees only have a pension of 2,000 yuan, it is not enough to rely on a pension of 1,000 yuan or 2,000 yuan in the face of rising prices, increasing medical expenses and various costs of taking care of grandchildren. Sometimes, they also need the help of their children.So the retiree can be in the day of hair annuities, take money out as soon as possible, convenient use not only, still can have the sense of security that falls a bag to be an.2. Not using mobile payment.The development of the Internet is really very rapid, people can not go offline shopping, online shopping, express home.With the popularization of various mobile payment methods, shopping and payment processes can be completed through a mobile phone, but corresponding problems will also appear.Many old people will not use mobile phone payment, a smart phone at least 1000 yuan, and some old people still use a single function of the elderly machine, only call and send text messages, can not achieve intelligent payment.Statistics show that the number of mobile payment users in China is about 872 million.Among the remaining 500 million people, many of them are the elderly, whose memory and learning ability will decline, so they have to remember the payment password when using mobile phones. If they forget it, it will be more difficult to make up for it and report the loss, so they are more accustomed to using cash to pay.So for these elderly people who are not skilled in using smartphones, if they don’t take their money out, they can’t spend it.In addition, some old people get pension through the passbook, passbook in the network transfer and payment business is not so convenient, the old people can only take out the money to use.3. Low trust in the Internet.Many old people do not like to use mobile phone payment, because of the low sense of trust in online payment, you know, now the criminal fraud means also emerge in an endless stream, after the reform of payment methods, crooks also from offline to online, began to engage in telecom fraud.Many old people’s pension level is not high, 1000 yuan is their pension rely on.If you accidentally click on a problematic website while surfing the Internet, the money is stolen, and the elderly’s pension money will be affected.So, to be on the safe side, the elderly are more comfortable with cash.4. Social needs.After retirement, many old people bid farewell to the busy work period, daily life becomes idle, easy to feel lonely.Their children are also busy with work, some are not around, so the elderly queue to the bank to receive pension, and communicate with the elderly of the same generation, will feel more lively, but also to meet their social needs.Nowadays, many elderly people should also learn online payment methods. It is also beneficial to reduce going to public places under the epidemic situation. Young people should help the elderly learn how to use smart phones and mobile payment.For the social security department, it should also carry out appropriate aging transformation, help the elderly to complete the related business of pension, for those who do not use mobile payment to retain cash payment method.