Where is the advantage of ou pai integrated kitchen?Fiscal opai cabinet

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Ou sends ambry to advocate all the time “Chinese type happy family, begin from having a good kitchen.”In the present of an exchange of new consumers in customized kitchen level and ratio of prominent because of its appearance and become more and more recognition and demand by contemporary consumption subject, European household group followed time again seize the consumption trends, launched the European integration project, kitchen built (integrated kitchen) + 1 (cabinet) + N (brand) cooperation innovation mode in the kitchen.The advantages of Europe integrated kitchen can be divided into six points:1. The mode innovation of 1 + 1 + N, relying on the ambry custom core advantages, integration of European cooperation brand global supply chain resources, global good content, as a dream kitchen, form “+ integrated kitchen cabinet + famous brand goods”, in the industry to create unique competitive power, open up new track, and at the same time provide consumers with one-stop integrated service experience in the kitchen.FITZCARL household Group follows the fashion trend to launch a new cabinet sub-brand — FITZCARL Kitchen cabinet, joint professional designer team to create a variety of original kitchen utensils design, using the most practical materials and technology to give consumers a higher kitchen enjoyment.Provide 11 unique ambry, 5 kinds of door plank, more than 30 designs and colors for consumers to choose at will, ensure that the aesthetic demand of consumers can be satisfied.3. The integrated kitchen stove is divided into two types: split type and integrated type, with 35 products in 8 series.Integrated can achieve a machine multi-purpose, with more complete functions to improve the kitchen cooking fun and cooking efficiency, 30 minutes to complete a table of 8 dishes;The split type has a highly modular structure, realizing independent separation of oil, gas and electricity and independent maintenance and replacement, creating a more convenient and worry free use experience.4. Opai Integrated Kitchen project has reached a strategic alliance and cooperation relationship with many leading and well-known global kitchen electric brands, and joined hands with 15 international brands to provide users with more than 50 categories of one-stop experience, integrated design, one-stop purchase, one-stop service of the overall kitchen solution.5. European integration stove in technological innovation to ensure the high level of appearance and style diversity, also did not abate for investment and technology guarantee, have 5.0 big fire, firewall Settings, modular design, thermal oil use, three combustion, steaming and of the seven core technology of dc frequency conversion motor, with a series of technical innovation pain points of contact with kitchen,To provide consumers with more convenient cooking experience.6. Seven stars service product in powerful force and professional brand attitude, opie integrated kitchen also provides customers with comprehensive and thoughtful service experience, including booking pack and deliver the goods door installation, 1 on 1, dedicated customer service, 8 hours door-to-door free gauge, 12 hours fast door to door, the coinsurance warranty for 3 years, gold nanny after-sales service, such as motor lifetime warranty service,Give consumers a higher quality of consumption experience.Opai integrated Kitchen gathers global high quality brands, innovates the cabinet track with more innovative business model, and creates a better kitchen experience for consumers with more professional brand service attitude and higher quality product power.