Warm tips for registration for spring semester 2022 in Pingchuan Central Primary School

2022-07-17 0 By

Another year of green spring grass, teachers and students welcome the opening season.February 27th, students will arrive at school soon, in order to make the registration work safe, fast and orderly, now we remind the following requirements: 1.Get your supplies ready.Sheets, bedding, pillow towels, towels, clothes, shoes and socks should be clean and tidy.2. Truthfully inform the head teacher whether he/she has recently contacted returnees from medium-high risk areas.If there is a delay, please come back to school after health assessment.3. Prepare homework for each subject, including subject homework and practice homework, and submit it to the teacher for examination when signing up.4. The arrival time of grade 5 and grade 6 students: 8:30-10:30 on 27th;The arrival time for grade 3 and 4 students is 11:00-12:00.5. After arriving at school, parents park their vehicles in the designated area in an orderly manner as required by the evacuation teacher.6. Wear masks on the way to school and after entering school for personal protection in accordance with the requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control.After registration, all activities are arranged by the class teacher.This winter vacation we harvest happiness, harvest knowledge, harvest growth, we will carry on the back to harvest greater dreams.The school is the place where our dreams set sail. The teachers have prepared for the beginning of the school and set sail for the students to build their dreams.Welcome to board the big ship of Pingchuan Town Central Primary School on time. We will serve you wholeheartedly and wish you a safe and happy journey.Pingchuan Town Central Primary School on February 25, 2022