“The Thrill of snowball Fights,” “Thank you.”

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Stimulate the snow fight city four small four three class: Bo Yiming tutor: Zhang Qingwei “eat me a blow, don’t run!”I shouted as I ran.”You’d be a fool not to run!”Yangyang fled and turned back, laughing and Shouting.This day, finally under the goose feather snow, I and good friends in the yard snowball fight.At the beginning, I put on a hat, turned on the defense mode: wretched development, tolerance upgrade!I’m gonna roll a giant snow ball to attack them.But one by one, they grabbed the snow and threw it at me, and I didn’t have a chance to fight back.I thought: you must not wait until I snowball roll good, or your end is coming!They do it is really a thief black ah, I almost couldn’t carry, this is really should that old saying: no brothers in battle!Finally, I rolled the snowball well, shouted: “before you beat me, now I want to double return!”Just as they were standing in a straight line, I hit the snowball like a bowling ball, and with my heavy blow, they were routed!In the first round, I won five to one, making them gnash their teeth!The second round began.I was going to use my old tactics, but it didn’t work out, because one of the guys shoved snow right up my neck, so I had to change my tactics.This round they gave me two teammates, so I’m going to go long.There was a heavy attack from the beginning, but most of the snow fell on the walls and pits we had made beforehand, and only a few snowballs fell on us.While they restocked, I launched a counterattack.I always feel like my side is playing a person, look back, my two teammates have disappeared.Is really “not afraid of god like opponents, afraid of pig like teammates” ah!I failed miserably in this round.We played the whole day, the snow fight is really exciting really enjoyable ah!Thanks to the city four small four three class: Bo Yiming tutor: Zhang Qingwei “this I can’t want, really can’t want, I have money, children.”The old man waved his hand and refused.”That’s all right, you take it. If it weren’t for you, wouldn’t the city’s garbage be everywhere?Let’s just say I’m grateful to you.”When he wasn’t looking, I slipped the money into his pocket and ran away.In the morning, my mother gave me ten yuan and let me go out for breakfast.On the way to the breakfast shop, I saw a cleaner grandfather is bent, a hand covering his stomach, the other hand in sweeping the floor, a look know the old grandfather is not comfortable.I think the cleaner grandpa is not comfortable, but still endure in sweeping the floor, to create a clean environment for us.Aren’t we just adding to their burden by littering?And their wages are so low.Thought of here, the heart felt deeply guilty.So, I did not hesitate to quickly run to the supermarket to change a ten yuan into two five yuan, and then turn back to a five yuan forcingly to grandpa.Five yuan, although not much, can not solve his problem, but five yuan has passed out my love, expressed my gratitude to the cleaner grandpa.