No tactical solution!How can the 76ers defend against the fact that He will let James Harden run pick-and-rolls?

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The Nets’ trade with the 76ers looks like a win-win.Harden is no longer playing in the Nets, and Simmons is coming off the bench for the 76ers.The sixers may have gained the most from a two-for-five deal so far.Just recently, Durant spoke to the media about the fact that the goal is not to win a championship this season.That means the Nets’ two picks could make a big difference.The 76ers, on the other hand, are shining with harden and Millsap.Even before Harden arrived, the 76ers were like embiid.Despite scoring 40 or even 50 points, he still couldn’t stop his team from finishing fifth in the Eastern Conference at 34-22.The only good news may be that the fifth-place Sixers are 2.5 games behind the first-place Heat.Harden’s arrival seems likely to change that.It’s not?Just a few days ago, Sam Decker, harden’s former rockets teammate, talked about the 76ers’ trade with the Nets on a talk show.He said the 76ers already have the best offensive center in Embiid and harden, the reigning NBA MVP, to block the game.The Sixers are coached by former Clippers coach Doc Rivers, whom Decker, as a former Clipper, knows well.He thinks Rivers will put Harden and Embiid in pick-and-rolls when the team comes together, allowing two supersized players with tremendous talent to do pick-and-rolls, reducing the burden on both players and making the Sixers’ game more enjoyable to watch.Harden is not the same as Simmons. Take the 3-point shot, harden can kill from outside in a way that Simmons will never be able to.Also capable of driving to the rim, Harden’s experience is not a notch above Simmons’s.Add to that the emperor’s dominance inside, and I can only say, “It’s too good to watch.”At that point, the league will have another beast like the Bucks, a nightmare in the Eastern Conference playoffs.When it comes to the Nets this season, many fans will turn their noses up at Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, the front office and even the owner.Some say the worst big three in history was ruined by Kyrie and Steve Nash.Indeed!Nash’s abuse and Irving’s willfulness are the main reasons why this trade happened.Durant wouldn’t have gotten injured if he hadn’t played too much early in the season. Harden wouldn’t have gotten injured if he hadn’t gotten injured. Harden wouldn’t have gotten injured if he hadn’t gotten injured.It can only be said that the Nets’ bad luck and blindness led to the disintegration of the Big three and the sixers’ tandem.Earlier, former teammate Kendrick Perkins said in an interview that harden and Embiid’s partnership was like kobe Bryant and Shaquille O ‘Neal’s OK combo in 2000, both shooting guard and super center.Can Harden and Embiid become oozma legends and each win their first championship?Talk about harden and Embiid’s pick-and-roll, and the rest of the league must be wring their hands.Embiid’s pick and roll down, Harden’s outside draw.Add maxie, Green and Harris to the perimeter space.With two stars and four shots in place, the 76ers will be an insurmountable barrier in the second half of the season and even in the playoffs.What do you think of the 76ers’ duo of Harden and Embiid?If Rivers does run a pick-and-roll, how can other teams crack it?You are welcome to leave your comments in the comments section