Foshan Chancheng District Statistics Bureau of Guangdong Province announced to recruit 2 professional and technical employees in 2022

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Due to the need of work, Foshan Chancheng District Statistics Bureau has decided to open recruitment of 2 professional and technical employees, the relevant information is hereby announced as follows:Having the nationality of the People’s Republic of China;2. Abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China;3. Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system;4. Having good conduct, observing public order and respecting social ethics;5. Professional, technical and other requirements required by the post;6. Have the physical condition and psychological quality to meet the requirements of the post;7. Generally, a university degree or above recognized by the state is required;8. Please see the attachment for the age of registration. The cut-off time for age calculation is the day of registration.(2) The following persons shall not apply for the examination:Having been subjected to criminal punishment for committing a crime;2. Those who have been expelled from the CPC or dismissed from public office;3. Those who have not been relieved of disciplinary sanctions or are under disciplinary examination;4. Are listed as the target of joint punishment for trust-breaking according to law, or are listed in the blacklist of good faith;5. In the past two years, he/she has violated discipline in the recruitment (employment) examination, physical examination or inspection of government organs and institutions;6. The withdrawal relationship has been formed after the employment;7. Being recognized as refusing or evading compulsory military service within two years;8. The applicant fails to take the examination or gives up the qualification of employment for one of the situations, which has reached 2 times in total within 3 years;9. Other circumstances that are not suitable for employment according to laws and regulations.(3) requirements for 2022 graduates to apply for the examination: 1.2022 graduates must provide employment recommendation form;2. Graduates in 2022 must obtain the corresponding diploma and degree certificate before September 30, 2022.Those who fail to obtain education and degree certificates within the prescribed time shall be disqualified for employment.1. Registration method: By email, applicants will send the registration information to subject: registration of professional and technical employees in 2022 + name), and inform our company by phone (contact information:0757-82341009 contact: Miss Yu).2. Application materials :(1) application form for professional and technical post employees of foshan chancheng district statistics bureau;(2) Scanned copies of my valid ID card, education certificate, degree certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate, honor certificate, work experience certificate and other documents;(3) Recent small one inch red bottom certificate photo 1.3. Registration time: 9:00, February 14, 2022 — 17:00, February 24, 2022.1. Applicants shall not apply for positions that constitute a withdrawal relationship after employment.2. Candidates should apply for the examination according to the “Guangdong Province 2022 Civil Servant Recruitment Professional Reference Catalogue”, and their majors should meet the professional requirements of the positions they apply for.The type of degree is not the same as the major for which you apply, and the type of degree cannot be used as the basis for the major.The major of the applicant is subject to the major on the graduation certificate.Candidates shall not apply for positions whose professional codes are inconsistent with those of the advertised positions.If your major is not listed in the major catalog (no major code), you can choose a similar major in the major catalog to apply for the examination, and the required courses of your major must be basically the same as the major courses required by the position you apply for.3. The deadline for calculating work experience is the day when registration begins.Applicants should record relevant work experience in detail when registering, and provide proof of work experience during the interview qualification examination (note: social practice experience and relevant work experience before obtaining full-time diploma are not regarded as job experience even if they sign labor contract with the unit and start to pay social insurance).4. Formal employees of state-owned units shall obtain the consent of their work units for the examination, and present written proof of their consent to the examination during the interview qualification examination.Our company will conduct the preliminary examination of the qualifications of the candidates according to the registration information, and notify the candidates who have passed the preliminary examination of the qualifications by phone or text message within 5 working days after the registration.If the number of applicants does not reach the opening ratio, our unit may cancel the recruitment positions or reduce the number of applicants to reach the opening ratio, and make an announcement on the website of Chancheng District Bureau of Statistics.Examinations examinations include written exams and interviews.The main test candidates professional knowledge level and adapt to the job requirements of the business quality and work ability.Written test, interview results are used 100 system, 60 is qualified, also according to the examination situation unified demarcation qualified score line.(1) Written examination and written examination shall be for candidates who have passed the preliminary examination of qualifications.Written examination is a closed – book examination, which mainly tests relevant professional knowledge.The time and place of the written test will be notified later.(2) Qualification examination Entry qualification examination objects shall be determined according to the ratio of the number of candidates for the positions and the number of candidates for the interview of 1:3 according to the order of the written examination results from the highest to the lowest. If the number of candidates who pass the written examination fails to reach the prescribed ratio, the entry qualification examination objects shall be determined according to the number of candidates who pass the written examination.In accordance with the published recruitment conditions and requirements, the applicants shall hold their id cards, academic degree certificates, professional and technical qualification certificates and relevant certification materials (all certificates shall be required to show the original and copy) for qualification examination.Candidates who choose a similar major should provide the transcript of their major courses (with the seal of the Academic Affairs Office), the certification of their similar major issued by their original graduate school and other materials.Overseas students should provide diploma certificates issued by the Ministry of Education or provincial Department of Education.The time and place of qualification examination will be notified separately.Applicants who provide false application materials for examination shall be disqualified for examination once verified, and those who have been employed shall be disqualified for examination.Whoever forges or alters relevant certificates, materials and information to defraud examination qualification shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations.Those who fail to meet the requirements in the qualification examination will be compensated according to their written test scores.Only those who pass the qualification examination can enter the interview. The interview time, place and requirements will be announced separately.(3) Interview The interviewees shall conduct the interview according to the time and place stipulated by the employer.After the interview, the written test, the interview results according to the ratio of 5:5 synthesis of the total score, the total score of the test is rounded to keep three decimal places.If the total score of the examinee of the same position is the same, the ranking will be determined according to the order of the written test result;If the written test scores are still the same, the ranking will be determined in the order of the scores given by the chief judges.5. Physical Examination and Inspection According to the number of candidates to be recruited, candidates for physical examination will be determined in the same amount according to the total score of candidates from high to low. In principle, candidates whose scores of a single subject are lower than 60% of the total score of the subject shall not be listed as candidates for physical examination.After the physical examination, the candidates will be determined according to the results of the physical examination and inspected according to relevant regulations.Vi. Publicity, employment and related benefits After passing the examination, physical examination and inspection, the candidates to be recruited shall be determined, and the list shall be publicized on the website of Chancheng District People’s Government and Chancheng District Statistics Bureau within 5 working days.If there is no objection after publicity, the employment formalities shall be handled according to relevant regulations.The recruiting unit and the intended employee shall sign the labor contract and establish the labor relationship under the principle of equality, volunariness and consensus through consultation.Those who are approved to be employed must report for employment within the prescribed time. Those who fail to report within the prescribed time limit shall be disqualified for employment.Candidates who fail to meet the requirements of physical examination or inspection, give up voluntarily or affect the recruitment due to the publicity of the results can fill the vacancies successively.Whether to fill the physical examination, inspection candidates, by the recruitment unit to determine the study.The new recruits shall implement the trial period system, and the probationary salary shall be implemented according to the standard of the probationary salary.The salary and welfare treatment of the staff shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.Vii. Requirements for epidemic Prevention and Control According to the Relevant provisions of Operation Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Personnel Examination in Guangdong Province in the second half of 2021, the implementation, setting and marking of personnel examination papers shall be standardized and the prevention and control measures shall be implemented, among which the management of candidates is as follows.(I) The “Yuekang Code” is green code, the travel card of communication big data is normal (no travel history in medium and high risk areas or local cities within 14 days before the test), the nucleic acid test negative proof within 72 hours before the test, and the body temperature is normal (body temperature & LT;37.3℃) candidates can take the test normally.Candidates whose “Yuekang Code” is red or yellow;2. Confirmed cases, asymptomatic infected persons, and close and sub-close contacts who have not been quarantined for less than a period of treatment;3. Candidates who have not completed health management in accordance with Guangdong’s prevention and control policies, candidates from medium and high risk areas in China, and candidates from other regions in their cities (municipalities directly under the Central Government, the same below);4. Candidates who cannot provide nucleic acid test negative proof within 72 hours before the test.1. Candidates who have close contacts within 7 days after they have been released from quarantine;Candidates with fever or other suspected symptoms within 14 days before the test (excluding the test day);3. If the temperature measured on site is abnormal (temperature ≥37.3℃) and the temperature measured again with mercury thermometer is still abnormal after taking a proper rest in the temporary observation area, the examinee has no travel history in the recent 14 days in the cities where medium-high risk areas are located, and the nucleic acid test shall be conducted in the isolated examination room first;4. In case of local epidemic, candidates in closed and controlled areas can provide nucleic acid test negative proof within 48 hours before the test, and the on-site headquarters will organize the evaluation and issue a release slip, so as to realize the closed-loop transfer by special person and car.(1) This examination does not specify examination materials, nor does it hold or entrust any institution to hold examination coaching training.(2) If there are any suspected violations of discipline and regulations in this recruitment, the responsibility shall be investigated in strict accordance with the Measures for Handling Violations of Discipline and Regulations in Recruitment of Civil Servants examination (Order No. 30 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security) and Regulations for Handling Violations of Discipline and Regulations in Public Recruitment of Public Institutions (Order No. 35 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security).Click download >>>Foshan Chancheng District Bureau of Statistics (HEREINAFTER referred to as Chancheng District Bureau of Statistics), Foshan City, Guangdong Province, ChinaFoshan Chancheng District Bureau of Statistics announces open recruitment of professional and technical employees in 2022