A wife divorces her husband when he cheats on her. It’s stupid!

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Recently, our platform received a message for help from female reader Kan Wen.She said that she had only been married for three years, and when she was still immersed in the happiness of marriage, her husband had sex with other women behind her back, which made her very sad, very confused…Next, let’s take a look at the messages.Hello, teacher!My husband and I had been married for three years, but when I was still happy in our marriage, he cheated on me!Cheating!I’m devastated. I don’t know how to describe him.We have known each other for two years and been in love for two years. During these four years, I have always felt that he is really good to me, so I decided to marry him.To my surprise, he cheated on me right after we got married.I now regret having married him and am at a loss as to how this marriage should continue.Want to divorce, can just get married to divorce, is not being laughed off big teeth?I am now almost unbearable, this man is too slag, how I did not notice!He said he went to a friend’s party, but he didn’t come home all night. His phone was turned off. I was so worried at home that I didn’t sleep well all night.The next day he came back and said he had drunk too much and was staying at a friend’s house. At that time I gave him a good scolding, but I didn’t know he was spending the night with another woman.I thought that was the end of it, until I heard from a friend that he had spent the night at a lady friend’s house.At that time, I was so angry that I rushed home and confronted him, and he saw that I was adamant, and he told me about the affair.I got in a big, mad fight with him, and then I moved in with my best friend, and all this time he came to me, and I ignored him.Please, teacher, what should I do now?Can I still trust him?Ask for help: Kan Wen (alias).Note: The content has been privacy treatment, with my consent before publication.Wei qing marriage consultant reply: hello Kan Wen!Thank you for your support and trust in us.After reading your message, I can understand how you feel now.You and your husband have only been married for three years, when you should be enjoying your marital bliss, and yet he misbehaves and has sex with another woman. It’s devastating and unspeakable.I have to say, this is a very nasty behavior on your husband’s part.When he cheated on you as soon as you were married, it was a huge blow to your marriage, and presumably your trust in him was damaged.But now that the facts are there, you don’t have to be miserable, because that doesn’t solve the problem.The first thing you need to do now is to adjust your emotions and try to stay sane so that you don’t make decisions you regret.Marriage and love are not the same, you can not be spontaneous, even if your husband betrayed you.If there is going to be a divorce, this is not the time.Suggest you look for an opportunity to communicate well with husband first, see his repentant attitude, this is very important!A man needs time to grow up from marriage to marriage, from boy to man.If he really just drinks too much and makes a mistake, and then he truly repents, then you might as well give him a chance for a while and observe him before you make a decision. Married life is a long process, and your marriage has just begun. Don’t give up just because of one setback.To run a successful marriage, husband and wife must tolerate and understand each other, resolve conflicts in a timely manner, and then move forward together.There will always be extra ups and downs along the way, and if the two of you can’t work together, it’s hard to go forward.Hopefully this analysis and advice will help you.