Wu Dajing led the short-track mixed team to win the first Gold Anta “ice sharkskin” equipment in the Winter Olympics

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After four years, Wu Dajing once again stood on the Olympic Games.This time, he became the only active Olympic champion in the Chinese sports delegation.This time, instead of drifting away from home, he fought for his country on the most familiar ground and in the most familiar capital.This time, he was accompanied by his teammates ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu and Zhang Yuting.This time, they are on a mission to win the first gold medal for The Chinese delegation — the 2,000-meter mixed team relay event, a new addition to the Games, opened at the Capital Stadium on February 5.Some people win a gold medal, see the mountain in front of them, no longer have the motivation to challenge the limit.But to Wu Dajing character, he sets out again very firm.”I’ll see you in Beijing!”Is Wu Dajing left Pyeongchang, sonorous and powerful oath.Winter Olympics first gold to Chinese army Wu Dajing to honor the promise of “best state to stay in Beijing” gold medal hands!What a quick start!Hot and eyeing, state in Hungary, Canada and Italy, the strong this dazzling, the ultimate battle of crackle, final appearance of the four athletes Wu Dajing, President of all, fan can be new and QuChunYu by Canada and Hungary fall, fall again after restart, the influence of the last half circle crazy sprint in Italy almost catch up with,Wu Dajing resist pressure first hit the line, for the Chinese delegation won the precious first gold medal.No victory is easy.Think of pyeongchang, the Chinese delegation suffered a series of setbacks, Wu Dajing in the heart of the chest, the last day of the final burst of anger, teeth, exulting, swept away the clouds, in exchange for the priceless gold medal.In the face of doubt, Wu Dajing always does not defend himself.It was not in the mind of this hardy absolute leader that he cared little for being misunderstood.It’s that he knows that action will tell.Like a fighter, he never wavered in his determination to fight at the front.Olympic is the ultimate dream of every athlete. As long as there is a chance, no matter whether it is successful or not, I will try my best to seize it.This is Wu Dajing’s inner monologue.Olympic champion Wang Meng, wu dajing’s coach during the 2019-2020 Beijing cycle, revealed a small matter that the outside world did not know.Wu dajing finished fourth in the 500-meter showdown with Huang Daheng, Victor An and Liu Shao-ang.For a time, the voice of doubt everywhere, but the reason behind the fact that Wu Dajing ice skater because of collision with other players seriously damaged, can safely finish the game is lucky.”A loser is a loser, and I’ll win it back!”Wu Dajing cycle in Beijing, more than once said this sentence.And Beijing is the best proof that it can be won back.Now, Wu dajing is making history with his fellow soldiers.At this moment, they need to clean up their mood, timely summary, encourage and support each other to the next race sprint.Blood is not cool, the battle is not over, believe that the division of this king, waiting for the gold medal just more gold content.Fighting is their constant belief and choice.”Shark skin on ice” reduces air resistance and provides powerful aid to athletes. Soldiers need armor and clothing to go to war.Anta is with the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the Chinese short track team is on its way to win gold.As a cooperative Chinese Olympic Committee for 8 consecutive times, Anta is the national brand with the largest number of cooperation among all sports brands.Over the years, Anta has always been introducing top talents, and already has more than 200 international design and r&d experts from 18 countries and regions to serve it, aiming to put science and technology first and make every effort to help China Olympic Games.At present, wu Dajing and his teammates wearing short track speed skating competition clothes, is anta “science and technology to help the Olympics” the best witness.It is worth mentioning that this short track speed skating suit is designed by Anta independently, which is the lightest and most breathable in the world and has won the ISPO Global Design Award.The newly upgraded suit adopts the latest 360 degree whole body anti-cutting technology, which breaks through the traditional local protection and greatly improves the safety.It also has the characteristics of high strength, light, strength is 15 times of steel wire.The suit is wind tunnel tested using advanced air turbulence control drag reduction and boundary slip rent reduction technology.Special-shaped structures are used on the surface of the garment to divert air rapidly.Compared with ordinary skating clothes, resistance reduction increases by 5%-10%.From the original double-layer structure to a single-layer full-body anti-cutting, it can reduce the weight of athletes, allowing them to fly like the wind when the starting gun is fired. Therefore, this set of equipment that fights against air resistance and can help players reduce air resistance in the lightning race is called “ice sharkskin”.The horns have sounded, and the battle will continue on the ice of the head.The glory of China’s short track speed skating team continues to be written by these athletes who fought for their country.China has anta