Tianshui held a mobilization meeting for the construction of key projects in the first quarter of 2022

2022-07-16 0 By

On the morning of February 19, the mobilization meeting for the commencement of key projects in Tianshui city in the first quarter of 2022 was held in Sanyang High-tech Industrial Park of Tianshui Economic and Technological Development Zone.Zhang Yongxia, secretary of Tianshui Municipal Party Committee, announced that the city’s key projects will start in the first quarter of 2022.Tianshui municipal party committee deputy secretary and mayor guo-xian wang speech, he stressed that all departments at all levels should thoroughly study and apply the nineteenth spirit and the 19th session of the previous session, the full implementation of the central economic work conference spirit, provincial party committee and the city eighth party congress spirit, focusing on “strong bibcock, chain, cluster”, vigorously implement the “strong industrial, strong science and technology, strong capital, strong county” action,We will unswervingly promote the strategy of “strengthening the city by industry” and “revitalizing the city by industry”, and make every effort to speed up the construction of key projects.With the attitude of “the beginning is a decisive battle, and the beginning is a sprint”, we should start with a high standard and push forward with high efficiency, so as to set off a project construction boom in an all-round way.Want to combine in the attitude construction activities, continue to optimize business environment, style, strong play, promote the implementation of, resolutely to cash “as long as the enterprises of the dry, all formalities government-run” commitment to being a good “the bartender,” do good “waiter”, full process, full tracking service, to provide security, to ensure the project completed early, early operation and early work.Yang Xiaoping, deputy secretary of tianshui Municipal Party Committee, presided over the mobilization meeting, standing Committee of municipal Party committee, deputy mayor Jing Dan introduced the first quarter of the concentrated project.Tianshui city leaders Zhang Jianjie, Wang Yan, Wang Donghong, Dong Xiaoping, Wang Xiaojuan, Guo Qingxiang, Wei Chun, Liu Guojun, the secretary general of the municipal government Li Yingguang attended the mobilization conference.Before the conference, participants participated in the first quarter of 2022 in the tianshui branch of the province’s major project mobilization conference, Tianshui Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Wang Guoxian video reported the city this year’s project preparation and on-site project situation.