The 60,000 yuan judicial relief fund helped two families in need live a good life

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Yin Dehong, a prosecutor of yidu City Procuratorate in Hubei Province, quickly answered a telephone when she saw a familiar number ringing.Prosecutor Yoon, I received the money. Thank you very much!Caller Wang mou tone excited.Hearing the good news, Yin Dehong smiled and said, “It’s good to receive the money. You can use it to buy medicine for your wife.”Originally, on January 4 this year, Wang mou put forward an application for assistance to the hospital.”My wife was hit by a car, the other side does not pay, the procuratorate can help us?”The undertaking prosecutor realized that its situation may be in line with the national judicial relief case acceptance scope, then to wang mou home to understand the status of their family life, guidance Wang Mou to provide corresponding materials.On February 3, the city procuratorate contractor prosecutor learned that Wang mou lover 55 years old this year, May 23,2020 was knocked down by Liu xx driving head injury, identified as serious injury two, life can not completely take care of themselves.Before the incident, the family economic income depends on Wang couple two people a month a total of 4000 yuan or so of income, after the incident, its family to rescue Wang mou has borne nearly 100 thousand yuan of foreign debt.The perpetrator, Liu Xx, 67, is a subsistence allowance household, suffering from a variety of diseases, and makes a living by running a small restaurant.Before the two sides due to the compensation problem, Wang mou family to Liu so-and-so management of the small restaurant to pull a banner “debt collection”, the contradiction between the two sides rigid.”You see our family crowded in an old house of 40 to 50 square meters, the house leaks and has no money to repair, my wife was hit, most of the time can only lie in bed, the other party has no money to compensate, life is really difficult ah!”In the investigation process, Wang’s husband complained.Now, the 40,000 yuan rescue fund is in place, Wang is relieved.The same day, the phone rings again.”Prosecutor Yin, I am old zhou, 20,000 yuan relief money in place, this you can help a lot.”Hearing the words of old Zhou on the other side of the phone, Yin Dehong burst into a happy smile.It is understood that on May 3,2020, Old Zhou fell to the ground and injured his right thumb, which was identified as minor injury grade 2.Through the examination of the city procuratorate cognizance, the decision to make a decision not to Sue Chen mou.Lao Zhou didn’t understand the result of the lawsuit. Chen didn’t lose money and didn’t apologize. Why didn’t he pursue the responsibility?Undertake procurator introduction, old week this year 43 years old, the original department file card households, and mother Huang mou lives together, farming for a living.Its left hand itself has physical disability, right hand injury, production and life is more inconvenient, has spent six to seven thousand yuan of medical expenses, follow-up surgery to take the right thumb plate also need money.Last year, the hospital accepted Lao Zhou’s application for aid for the first time.Without the success of the rescue of old Zhou, Yin Dehong has always been a stone in her heart.Since then, he visited his home three times and often called to ask about old Zhou’s life, which old Zhou saw in his eyes and silently kept in mind.In January 2022, the hospital re-applied for assistance for the old Zhou family after requesting instructions from the superior and obtaining approval.It only took 25 days from receiving the application to receiving the 60,000 yuan aid fund, and the two aid applicants can also have a good New Year, Yin dehong said: “With the two problems solved, I will feel more at ease during the New Year.”Source: Justice Network