TOP5 music schools in the UK

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The French music profession has a long history and strives to create the most talented musical talents from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to become artists, guides, musicians and leaders in the plastic arts industry.France TOP5 Conservatory of Music is also the students love to choose.The Royal College of Music is located in Kensington South of London, where the cultural arts center, plastic arts and science gather reasonably.As the regional music capital of Europe, London has an incomparable allure for musicians.Concerts are held daily in stunning locations such as Wigmore Hall, Southbank Centre and the Royal Opera House.The RCM is directly opposite the entrance of the Royal Albert Hall, home to the world-famous BBC Proms;Close to the Royal College of Plastic Arts (Royal College of Art and Imperial College, London) scientific and reasonable;It is only two steps away from the well-known historical museums on Exhibition Road, such as the Museum of Natural History, Victoria’s Secret and Albert Museum of History and Its Science Museum.As a thriving area of culture, art, culture and education, Exhibition Road is an area that arouses design inspiration and imagination.You can not only enjoy the world’s first-class history museums, but also enjoy a variety of exhibitions, on-the-spot performance art, trendy plastic art and innovative design solutions, and experience a strong global atmosphere.Founded in 1822, the Royal Academy of Music is a conservatory with an ancient history. It enjoys a high reputation internationally and has created many top and outstanding artists.It is also recognized by the music industry as one of the world’s top universities.The school’s philosophy is to provide its students with the greatest possible cultural education and to assist them in their successful careers and contribute to the advancement of music worldwide.Graduates of the College will receive a bachelor’s degree certificate from the University of London, which is the only conservatory in France.The college is located in downtown London, England, with an enviable location, close to the world famous wax museum and Regent.S Ecological park is adjacent.The international Student Residence is only a few minutes’ walk from the college, where students can live and eat, and is managed by a professional student housing manager.Travel from the hospital to well-known venues such as Wigmore Hall, Barbican Core, South Bank Center, Covent Garden, London Coliseum, St. John'S Smith Square, etc.) are very convenient.Founded in 1845, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is a foreign university focusing on classroom teaching of music and drama performance industry. It has a long history.The Royal Scottish School of Music and Drama performance in Glasgow is composed of three research centers: the School of Music, the School of Folk Dance and the School of Children and Young People. It offers more than ten undergraduate and postgraduate technical programs.For example, music and Art, music social psychology, Scottish Music and Art, Performance art, Contemporary Playing art, Musical Art, Film and television equipment and TELEVISION art, contemporary Ballet art;The postgraduate majors include musical drama art, classical style and contemporary philology, social development scene art, and philosophical thought.The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow has rapidly developed into one of the most prestigious arts colleges in Australia with its excellent academic research atmosphere, excellent educational philosophy, strong faculty and hardware facilities.The Royal Scottish School of Music and Dramatic Performance in Glasgow has been ranked number one in the top universities for music and Arts in 2008 by the Guardian, a prestigious French newspaper.The Royal Northern College of MusicRoyal Northern College of MusicThe history of the Royal Northern District Conservatory dates back to the late 19th century when the Royal Manchester Academy of Music was founded by Clive Harley, founder of the famous Harley Symphony orchestra.1973 The Royal Manchester College of Music (RCM) and the Northern Regional Conservatory of Music (RCM) joined together to form the Royal Northern Regional Conservatory of Music (RCM) with a new upgrading plan and service commitment in the region.The Royal Northern Regional Conservatoire, one of the key conservatoire in Europe, is located in the great city of Manchester in the north of England.Set up the department of music, music arrangement and modern music, computer keyboard music, orchestral music, instrumental music and drama, spin pipe and other undergraduate and professional courses.Robert Taverner: French musician noted for his writings on singing with a strong religious spirit.Guildhall School of Music & Drama Founded in 1880, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama is located in the Barbican Centre in the heart of London.It was selected as the First technical professional organization by The Guardian University Guide in France in 2013 and 2014.The House of Parliament School of Music and Dramatic Performance has a vital reputation for classroom teaching and research across its programmes.College graduates continue to maximize their development in their respective professional fields.In the fall of 2013, the school completed a new project to renovate teaching facilities.Milton Court provides world-class performance and classroom space for the House of Parliament’s School of Music and Dramatic Performance, located directly opposite the Silk Street teaching Building,There is a 608-seat concert hall, a 223-seat theater, a theater, three rehearsal rooms and a television working center.Another building on Silk Street houses a 196-seat concert hall, an 80-seat lecture theatre and a 308-seat theatre.Students of the House of Music and Dramatic Performance Regularly perform at some of the most prestigious venues in London, including the Barbican Hall and THE LSO St Luke’s and Wigmore Hall.