“Qiu Gangneung: Starting from Dachang” 12: The death of Shuanzhu

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Qiu Jiangling · Chongqing Wanzhou Editor/Yufu · Tianjin Hedong “Some are alive, he is dead;Some people die, but he lives…”People die naturally, whether to die under the fear of death, or die under the sacrifice of life for justice, its realm and value have a world of difference.The death of the pillar in the movie “back to 1942” is generous and deeply touched, full of affection and worthy of respect!Saw the movie “1942”, know what is hunger, know the meaning of food, know that “alive” is the greatest moral.In “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”, there is a hunter named Li Yongqi. When the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army just entered the village, he glared and stared. When the chief of staff poured his rice VAT into millet, he suddenly burst into tears and sang excitedly: “I hope early, I hope late, I hope through my eyes…From now on I will follow the Communist party!”Li Yongqi was very real, and the people were very simple. I would go with whoever gave me food.The initial aspiration of the Communists is to provide food for the toiling masses.”Nineteen Forty-two” downplays the story of food and human identity among the dying victims.These people, I understand, have to live first, the value of life above all moral.But the bolting shocked me!In order to get back his little stepdaughter’s windmill (a small toy made of walnut shells), he is willing to be stabbed alive by a Japanese officer, before dying fearless oral Japanese officer’s mother.Shuanzhu was alive, and the Japanese were willing to trade him a large steamed bun for toys. They also arranged jobs for him (driving a carriage) so that he could eat every meal.Can bolt column chose to eat the Japanese bayonet.Shuan zhu’s death has nothing to do with the “no food handed out in contempt” and moral integrity.Shuan zhu’s death, just for a promise, the wife of his one night husband and wife promise: to leave a memory for the stepdaughter!Commitment is very heavy, even heavier than life!Written on December 3, 2012 qiu Jiangling, “60 male”.Researcher of Culture and Tourism Commission of Wanzhou District, Chongqing.Member of Chongqing Writers association.He used to be a middle school teacher and teaching and research member. Many achievements have been awarded by municipal (provincial) government and education Commission. He has published more than 20 teaching papers in national and provincial journals.For many years, he served as a representative of the municipal and district people’s Congress and a member of the Standing Committee of the District CPPCC.Willing to road, longer than with notes of interest, literature and history in university journals published many local history papers, the “three gorges dance” and so on many cultural creative projects be born in the city park plaza, prose anthology “from big prosperous”, in the chongqing morning post dragon frame newspaper “the three gorges literature” “wushan literature” “two rivers and beautiful” and so on newspaper (net) published prose, essays, published dozen,Song “Huang Ge Ballad” (lyrics) broadcast on CCTV “Avenue of Stars”.