Jize County Hospital obstetrics and Gynecology maternity Thanksgiving flag

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Feb. 3 (year 3), He Mou and her husband as the director of jize county hospital of gynecology and obstetrics su-hong liu and his team sent side with warm hearts and minds “of the situation of” medical skills, pennants, He Mou said happily: “liu, director of the doctors here you a strong sense of responsibility, high technical level, the nurse care, thoughtful, specially sent a banner to express our gratitude.”It is understood that the pregnant woman, Ms. He, 39 weeks in utero, has two cesarean section history, combined with hypertension disease, anemia is a high-risk maternal.Three cesarean section in obstetrics is a high-risk operation, combined with hypertension, anemia more heavy risk coefficient, Director Liu attaches great importance to the maternal.We organized the department staff to have preoperative discussions, carefully analyzed the possible problems of severe intraoperative adhesions, massive bleeding and intraoperative and postoperative eclampsia, and made various emergency plans, developed personalized surgical plans, and made preoperative rescue preparations for all kinds of intraoperative abnormalities.The patient underwent cesarean section + bilateral tubal ligation in the morning of January 28, 2022. During the operation, Director Liu and Deputy Director Zhang Xiaoran cooperated with each other to carefully separate adhesions and strictly hemostasis. Under the close cooperation of anesthesiology Department, a baby girl weighing about 3800 grams was delivered by cesarean section at 9:50.The patient’s vital signs were stable and the mother and baby were safe.(Wang Rongan)