Every day by the water army squatted, Sanya snack shop lonely Liu Xuezhou, lied to aunt to record the program

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Liu Xuezhou told grandma to go out for a few days, said to aunt to record the program.Aunt said in an interview, Liu Xuezhou is a very sensible child, junior high school on their own money to buy clothes, good learning can skip, his ideal is undergraduate, because of the prejudice of the principal, he only went to a technical secondary school.Liu began taking medication for depression.I haven’t eaten for a few days.My aunt thought his heart was broken.Liu Xuezhou arrived alone in Sanya, slowly eating noodles and checking his phone at a snack bar with a bag of belongings on the table.His expression was lonely and lonely.Liu xuezhou once said that whenever he posted on weibo, water soldiers would squat there and attack him at any time, which made him very uncomfortable.At the end of last year, officials began an aggressive campaign to clean up more than 6.2 million accounts, according to one estimate.Where do these water soldiers come from to deal with a 15 year old child, they eat steamed bread with human blood, money is easy to spend?It is said that his real father is doing civil engineering and is the big boss of four companies.Fishermen found a bottle of wine and six tablets of medicine, a curled up body, when the man was still breathing, a couple quickly dialed 120, liu Xuezhou was sent to the hospital!A young man is gone without saying goodbye to his loving grandmother and aunt.Liu Xuezhou used to be sunny and always had a smile on his face.Not all people deserve to be parents, and his father did not tell Liu xuezhou that he was sold.Aunt said, if said at the beginning, Liu Xuezhou will not recognize.And his mother had the audacity to blame his adoptive parents for loving him!Liu Xuezhou died at the seaside filled with flowers 15 years old Liu Xuezhou’s heart must be suffering struggling, in the human nature evil and good edge, made the final determination!May heaven have love as inclusive as the sea!Go all the way!