Chasing a woman is very simple, learn these three methods, no longer need to go when “licking dog”!

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The little Orange found that a lot of people have a misconception about girlfriends: “If I’m nice to her, she’ll be with me sooner or later.”However, the real woman will understand that chasing a girlfriend depends not on how good to her, but on their own attraction.If you can please a woman only, do a “lick dog”, and not rely on your own personality charm to attract a woman, that affirmation is to catch up with her.If you want to get a person’s heart, you need to learn to understand her, and let the other side take the initiative to understand you, so that you and she can become friends, and then rise to the relationship of lovers.Many times, you will find that licking a person, unconditional good to her, not only has no effect, but easily backfire, cause the other party’s dislike.But once you learn the law of attraction, you can easily exude your own charm and get the other person to approach you. Then you will have the initiative in the relationship and your success rate will greatly increase.Women and men alike want to get their man.It’s no use chasing a man and being a licking dog.But if you learn to follow these steps, she’s more likely to fall in love with you.One of the best ways to keep a relationship fresh is to be attracted to each other.If you show something about yourself that makes you interesting, she will come back to talk to you often.You need to work hard to improve your strengths and abilities in this area.This is the only way to keep her interested in you.Most girls like guys with abs, so you’d better go to the gym.If the family has the conditions, it is best to develop a perfect figure like Daniel Wu, women are sure to love.At the same time, men need to learn humor.In daily life, they should try to tell more jokes to make the people around them relaxed and happy.This way you can be very comfortable with the woman you like.If you want to get the girl you like, you can’t just talk the talk, you must be a man who dares to take responsibility, you must have a sense of responsibility.Most of the time, it’s not because the other person doesn’t like you, but because you are not sincere or honest with her, or you are not stable enough to do things.In fact, they are very sensitive in the heart, they worry about what they meet is cheating and playing with women’s feelings of men and afraid of being hurt by the other side.But if you can be reliable in front of her, she will absolutely love you.In addition, men should learn to have a sense of humor when pursuing girls.You can try to tell lots of jokes to make people around you relaxed and happy.This way you can be very comfortable with the woman you like.What women care about is not his money or position, but his attitude.When she sees your efforts and understands that you are changing yourself for her, she will gradually feel for you in her heart.Finding a girlfriend isn’t as hard as you think.Sometimes it’s just that you don’t know the other person’s mind.But a woman’s idea is very simple, just find a man who understands her, loves her, and is willing to change for her.If you think that makes sense, please give Her a thumbs up and a follow. And if you know how to get a girl fast, please leave us a comment