Attacks, online violence, rumors athletes, Weibo, Douyin silence accounts 1181!

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At present, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing.The audience outside the stadium was enthusiastic and shouted for the athletes through short videos, comments and messages.Mixed with individual disharmonious factors: some accounts through comments or private messages to the winter Olympic athletes to slander, insult attacks, spread false rumors.Recently, 1,181 accounts related to Weibo and Douyin have been banned in order to root out malpractices.A total of 41,473 illegal posts on Weibo have been removed, including 850 illegal posts on @Peepanju, @Real Yiner Lianzigeng and @I am Your Overleggings, according to a statement released by weibo administrators on Tuesday afternoon.Depending on the degree, the punishment of 30 days to permanent silence will be adopted.Full text of the announcement: Winter Olympics, honor and frustration intertwined, joy and regret.”Mistakes and pressure are always part of sports,” skier Gu Ailing said at the press conference. “We all want athletes to achieve the best results, but sometimes athletes can’t perform at their best.”Every moment of athletes’ performance reflects countless days and nights of hard work and efforts, which deserve our respect and praise.Competitive sports always have winners and losers, but the fight is the real hero.The station called on everyone not to satirize and attack the athletes because of occasional mistakes. The cathartic and emotional expressions will only bring more pressure to the athletes.As the audience, we should be less critical, more understanding.We should treat each competition with a rational, sincere and inclusive attitude, and give the warmest applause and highest respect to every athlete for their best efforts.While enjoying the rare super sports events, we should also make objective speeches and civilized communication.In accordance with the Weibo Community Convention and other relevant regulations, the station has taken the initiative to check and control the Content related to the Winter Olympics. A total of 41,473 illegal microblogs have been cleaned up, and 850 accounts including @Fear ju, @Real Yiner Lianzigeng and @I Am Your Overties have been banned from speaking for 30 days to permanently depending on the extent of the situation.In addition, we also welcome the majority of users to find any relevant violation information, through the front desk “personal attack” complaint portal or @Weibo administrator to report, we will accept the first time.Borrow games network violence, disinformation athletes 331 trill accounts were banned or banned in addition, WeChat “trill security center” issued by the public number 9 on the hit by the games for athletes network abuse, rumors of announcement, report says trill platform through the model identification and acceptance, public opinion monitoring, interception cleaning related illegal video, review article 6780,According to the severity of the violation, 331 accounts with abusive behaviors, inciting confrontation, online violence and slander will be banned or even banned.As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are underway, athletes from all over the world have made great achievements in the competition.The audience outside the stadium was also enthusiastic, with many netizens actively cheering and waving flags for the Athletes through short videos and comments.In the cheering and cheering, there are also some disharmonious factors: During daily inspection, the platform found that some accounts denigrate, insult, attack and spread false rumors to the Winter Olympic athletes through comments or private messages, which has adversely affected the winter Olympics viewing and community atmosphere.Recently, the platform intercepted and cleared 6,780 illegal videos and comments through model recognition, reporting acceptance and public opinion monitoring.@ju ***Wu (Douyin ID: 19***55), @Don’t touch the terror needle (Douyin ID: 17***35), @Nezha ***925 (Douyin ID: 19***55)Na ***bian and other 331 accounts with abusive behaviors, inciting confrontation, online violence and slander, will be banned or even banned accounts according to the severity of violations.We know that the Winter Olympic athletes are looking forward to win glory for the country, to pay the ordinary people unimaginable hardships.No matter what the result of the game is, it deserves respect.Games are won or lost, but love is not.The platform calls on everyone to watch the games civilized, rational comments, more encouragement, less blow, together for the athletes, coaches and front staff cheer, create and maintain a higher, stronger, more united good winter Olympics atmosphere.Hand in hand, heart to heart, together to the future!We will continue to intensify efforts to crack down on the investigation and investigation, and will severely punish those who are found to be discontented with the results of the games, denigrate and attack the Winter Olympic athletes, fight each other and create false and harmful information.If you find illegal accounts and contents on the platform, you can report them or send details to the report email:◆◆◆ Edit: Founder proofread: Maureen review: Zheng Junliang source: People’s Daily, the South + point share point collection