Late at night, three-year-old boy foreign body stuck throat!Critical moment, the police ran out of the hospital “acceleration”

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The epidemic merciless people love, love in the world warm people.Recently, Xu Xu police acted quickly, staged a heart-warming “escort”, timely sent a foreign body stuck in the throat of the boy to the hospital to get effective treatment, ran out of service for the people “acceleration”.At 22:30 on March 28, Mr. Wang, who lives in Dongxin Farm, rushed anxiously into the dongxin police station duty hall and asked for help: his child was stuck in the throat by a foreign body, causing breathing difficulties, but the ambulance from downtown, at least 40 minutes, the situation is urgent.At that time, due to the epidemic situation, the community and roads were temporarily closed and controlled. In order to save time and let the child seek medical treatment as soon as possible, the police decided to escort the child and their parents to lianyungang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, which is 22 kilometers away from dongxin Farm, and reported to the command center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and received strong support.Warm heart instant flashing lights, escort for life.On the way to the hospital, the police quickly and concisely explained the situation to the person in charge of the checkpoint, and showed the relevant certificates, health code and other information, and then galloped to the hospital.On the way, the police also called the ear, nose and throat doctor of lianyungang Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital and asked the doctor to go to the emergency room first to prepare for treatment.At 22:52, the police successfully escorted the small patient to lianyungang City maternal and child health care hospital, auxiliary police Liu Hongliang got off the car directly rushed to the emergency hall to give the child to the doctor waiting here, the doctor successfully helped the small patient removed the foreign body in the throat.After the danger was resolved, Mr. Wang expressed his sincere thanks to the police for their warm help. Facing the thanks of the masses, the police said: “This is what we should do, don’t be polite.”The police also took the initiative to leave a phone number for the people, repeatedly told the people, if there is any difficulty, call the police.Quarantining the epidemic is a matter of mutual respect.In this extraordinary spring, there are too many warm moments worth remembering. The police protect the people, the people love the police, and unite as one to fight against the epidemic. Let us witness the warmth and strength of lianyungang city.Source: Lianyungang Police