Have you seen world of Tanks melee TD?The C-series heavy gun small gyro demonstrated superb melee skills

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Hello, everybody!Today we are going to talk about the protagonist is 8 gold in the “different” — WZ-120-1G, which is a close combat melee vehicle with the title of TD, if you really want to take it to the black gun can be said to be “terrible Tim”, armor is harder than most of the same level of medium tanks and the main gun has obvious advantages and disadvantages,The WZ-120-1G is equipped with a 122 gun with specialized melee capabilities. The average damage of 440/440/530 in TD is also above average.248/310/61 penetration is enough for most situations, and with the base it has a DPM of nearly 2700, so if this “battle top” takes advantage of its output, it will teach the other side a lesson.The gun control is extremely poor: while the 0.20/0.20/0.16 expansion doesn’t look like much, the WZ-120-1G is a headless TD, when enemies are out of range they have to move the hull and then close the circle so that the larger circle is impossible to see.In addition, the 2.9-second long circle always feels like using the D25T, and the gun speed is a century behind that of scorpions and scorpions.It’s a big circle…The outstanding advantage of WZ-120-1G is this armor. The 120mm large inclination front makes the equivalent length of 210mm, which is equivalent to the protection level of THE S-series “Chengguan” T54 first. It not only has a small projection area, but also is basically immune to the same level of silver coin shells.But that’s tolerable for a TD that’s not always on line 1.The killer mace of WZ-120-1G is to find a small slope to hide the crotch, and then sell it on the slope. After pulling the depression Angle full, the whole front side will have 240mm equivalent, and some small water pipes will be “far behind”.On the flat, he can also use his excellent steering speed to “snakeskin walk” twists, making it easier for an opponent aiming at his crotch to miss and fly.The WZ-120-1G has a very ridiculous base camo stat. The base camo at 23.09/13.85 is twice that of scorpion (9.29/5.59). It also gives you zero change.Squatting in the grass gun team mirror open can guest under the light tank;The base 380m vision is impressive in a class of 350,360 blind people at Level 8.The motor is the home of the WZ-120-1G again, with a 50/20 speed that feels like a medium tank, it weighs only 36 tons and has 122 cannons and armor comparable to the T54 (some large German tanks:??Thanks to the light weight of the car, the thrust-to-weight ratio of 16.11 of the 580 engine makes the acceleration feel good, and the steering speed of 43.81 makes the vehicle more flexible.The combination of small vertical stability (improved rotary device) + ramming machine + gun team mirror is recommended on good flexibility accessories and gameplay accessories. Small vertical stability as a priority can improve the speed of the car body while pressing down the damn ring expansion, so that wZ-120-1G is not so uncomfortable to play;And if you still can’t stand the gun control, you can replace the rammer with the gun control, which can significantly improve the serious problem of shrinking circle time.The WZ-120-1G can be used in two ways: one is to drive directly to the second line with the output of low slope cover/grass pressure depression Angle. This is especially effective when facing enemies with low penetration.The other is to be an honest TD, I don’t care about the front line as long as the black damage is success.Wz-120-1g wZ-120-1G is an unconventional TD with polarized reviews. The thin and broken gun control makes people hate it want to step on it to the bottom of the ground. As a TD, there is no way to stop shooting, and the circle is finished on the other side, too.On the other hand, the superior armor and reliable mobility give it second-tier/melee play, great ability to roll down, and can make a living with the unreliable main gun in advanced rooms.Here is the tank station, always for the player’s tank public.Original is not easy, if you like our article, but also please forward to share propaganda, so that more car officers back to our own position.You are welcome to comment and discuss in the comments section below.Finally, I wish you all commander artillery shelling wear, gun gun high injury!To learn more