Prince of Monaco: Mother is Princess Grace, wife is mermaid Charlene, family high appearance level

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Prince Of Monaco came to the Winter Olympics and asked the staff to make another ice mound for him, because he said: “I have two children….”Prince Albert ii of Monaco is 64, but his twins are only 7 years old. It’s understandable that his father’s feelings are so intense.Look at Albert II, once the prince of Bohemia, who has been cut greasy by the slaying knives of time.It’s hard to imagine that he was a handsome presence on the sports field when he was younger.However, if you know the prince of Monaco’s family, his level of appearance should be very clear.Albert’s father, Rainier III, was a tragic prince who never remarried after his wife died in a car accident.In addition to the so-called curse of Monaco’s royal family, Rainier was deeply in love with his wife.His wife is not only beautiful but also friendless: a former Hollywood star and Oscar winner.Grace Kelly, the legendary former princess of Grace kelly, was so famous in her day that she still stands out as the goddess of the entertainment industry.Rainier met Grace at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955 and it was love at first sight.At that time, Grace was only 26 years old, is the peak of life, career, but for love, she resolutely quit the film industry.While many have questioned grace’s royal allure, the problem is that Monaco is a very small principality (2.08 square kilometers), not even as big as her entertainment industry.Instead, Rainier has another reason besides Grace’s beauty: her international fame.From this, it can be seen that Grace really didn’t have to give up her career for Monaco’s royal family, all she cared about was love.Rainier and Grace’s wedding shocked the world and was filmed for a documentary.It was a wedding that was described at the time as a world first, as good as the Charles and Diana weddings that followed.According to the data, the Hollywood actress ‘arrival has transformed Monaco into a world-famous tourist destination that attracts a large number of tourists every year.With a smile on her face, grace seduces Rainier with her unique charm and attracts tourists from all over the world.I have to say grace’s beauty has been a shot in the arm that has kept Monaco excited for years.During that time, she gave birth to a son and two daughters, and while the marriage wasn’t 100 percent perfect, the happiness of her children around her knees was not fake.Then in 1982, grace was killed in a car accident at the age of 53.”She popped her head in my room and said see you later.That was the last time I saw her…Her death has left a huge hole and I have so much more to say to her. I wish she could have been here with us for every important moment.””Prince Albert II of Monaco remembers his mother with a note of melancholy still lingering in his voice.While his father, although romantic, has never remarried, once vicissitude difficult water, a Grace attracted him for a lifetime.Having such a mother, Prince Albert was also known for his good looks when he was young. And when he grew up, he was keen on sports and participated in many international competitions.However, the prince of Monaco, no matter how handsome, also has the feeling of “hero in the twilight”.In a twinkling of an eye, life has entered the year of destiny, but all day long are some romantic affairs, marriage once became a hot topic of discussion outside.The 22-year-old South African “mermaid” Charlene Witstock seemed destined for life when he spotted her at the Sydney Olympic swimming trials in 2000.At that time, Albert II was already 42 years old, a full 20 years older than Charlene.But he pulled out all the levers of his youth and fell in love with the young beauty known as the mermaid.Charlene was known for her beauty. She was slender, blonde and accomplished.To South Africans, Charlene is a source of pride and national treasure.Albert ii in order to pursue Xia Lin, is really unusual, took out the longest love time, and secretly fell in love with 6 years, just wait to determine the “identity” qualification.In July 2011, Albert II became the groom at the age of 53.He may be old, but Charlene has given him the kind of warm reception his parents received at their wedding: Monaco is once again a small country to aspire to.Charlene’s beautiful face appeared again and again in the public eye, and each time it caught everyone’s attention.In 2014, after three years of trying, Charlene gave birth to twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques.It can be said that Albert ii’s life reached its zenith at this time, with beauty on his side, charming children, and national well-being. What could be more complete?However, charlene’s health has not been very good in recent years, so she has had fewer and fewer opportunities to appear in public.On the contrary, the two soft and cute little balls have grown and opened, quietly into a handsome, beautiful princess, prince.Earlier this year, Jacques and his sister, Gabriella, accompanied Albert at Monaco’s holy Dedication Festival, where they stole their father’s spotlight.Monaco’s royal family is not short of money, the two little ones dress cute, and very stylish.Princess is a Chanel suit, dark gray tweed skirt and the same color of the beret, gentle yet lovely.Prince Jacques is a suit, tie, plus a black coat, inadvertently another little Albert was copied.Moreover, the two children are wearing black masks, in the white tender face against the backdrop, is really soft cute soft cute.However, Prince Jacques is said to be more reserved than his sister and is less keen on unknown playthings.This seems to be a bit different from the prince who yearns for sports, right?The little princess, on the other hand, was lively and outgoing, obviously the naughty type with her younger brother.Take a look at the Prince of Monaco family, that is a high level of appearance, just pick one of the people will be praised for a long time.This is no problem compared to the British royal family’s declining appearance level.There is no way, the Monaco royal family’s choice of marriage is based on genes, of course, the level of appearance and love, otherwise they would rather not get married.That’s something the Royal family might want to learn, wouldn’t you say?