New Spring: Praise the Spring Party of “Six Teams home”

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At the beginning of the New Year, the Spring Festival is coming.Just as the people of the country cheerfully bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, after the “six teams of the home” group Lord Chen Denghui, excellent iron, talented woman Professor Tao Ling and other preparatory group members of the carefully planned and organized preparation, a unique “new spring charm of iron blood – six teams of the home to welcome the New Spring party”, held on January 22 evening.The party, old and new comrade-in-arms, iron descendants gathered together, rich in content, colorful, climaxes, wonderful!At seven o ‘clock in the evening, the hosts Luo Xinjiang and Wang Bugang came on stage and announced the official start of the party.First of all, Chen Denghui, the group leader, delivered a speech. First of all, on behalf of the group management team, he extended his New Year’s greetings to all the comrade-in-arms and iron descendants, thanked all the performers and wished the party a complete success!Then, the management team of “The Home of the Six Teams” delivered a speech to express heartfelt thanks to all comrade-in-arms and iron descendants who actively participated in various activities since the establishment of “the Home of the Six Teams” as well as the strong support of the 16th Bureau of China Railway Construction.And outstanding performance of he Nengjin, Luo Xinning, Deng Kunlun and other 45 people to the New Year special thanks!In order to celebrate the spring Reception party, the publicity department of the 16th Bureau of China Railway Construction Specially sent a congratulatory letter to the seniors of the six teams and their families, extending sincere greetings and New Year’s greetings!I wish the first Chinese New Year party of “Home of Six Teams” a complete success!Ouyang Gan, the old head of the sick bed, also sent a New Year’s message, he for the “six teams of the home” in the New Year approaching, to give you this “New Year gift” to express warm congratulations!I hope that all the comrade-in-arms and future generations will continue the fine tradition of the railway force, work hard and tirelessly, forge ahead on a new journey and make contributions to the new era!Continue to promote the red culture, inherit the spirit of the railway forces to make new contributions!The party specially arranged the New Year’s poem display of comrade-in-arms.After strict screening and careful arrangement of 30 cultural programs, led by Tao Ling’s female solo “Ode to the Motherland”, the program is numerous, rich and colorful, playing and singing, each with its own characteristics.There are solo, chorus, recitation, performance, photography, painting and so on, really colorful, dizzying.The whole party can be described as a gathering of elites, schools, interlocking.Two hosts with tacit understanding, each program hosting words wonderful and appropriate, speaking, both natural and pleasant.The performers prepared carefully, performed in place, old comrades-in-arms full of affection, iron second generation full of vitality, all left a deep impression on the audience, fully reflects the “six teams of the home” talent, successor;The audience is enthusiastic, the crowd is excited, likes to send flowers, one after another, the screen is full.The three-hour gala was festive and peaceful and lively, and the “six teams of the family” group just became a sea of joy!No matter the old leaders of the octogenarian, or the veterans of the Vietnam war, no matter the new and old comrade-in-arms of the 13th Division, or the iron descendants, we all praised the elaborate planning and organization of the party preparation group and the excellent performance of the actors!This New Year’s Party is not only a grand New Year’s party of “the family of six Teams”, but also a very rare cultural feast and spiritual feast!This is a party to spread positive energy, she eulodized the heroic feat of the veterans of Vietnam’s war against the United States;It embodies the spirit of patriotism and internationalism and the strong brotherhood between comrade-in-arms under the scene of bloody and fiery war.She warmly praised the Chinese Communist Party’s wise and correct, the great motherland’s prosperity;She is inspiring people to overcome difficulties, forge ahead, and strive to revitalize China and realize the Chinese Dream.As one of the members of the “Family of six Teams”, I would like to give a big compliment not only to the success of the party, but also to the host Chen Teng-hui and the members of the party preparation team for their careful planning and strict organization, as well as the hard work of all the staff!Thanks to all the performers for their wonderful performance!I sincerely wish all the friends of the “six teams of the family” a happy New Year, a healthy body, a happy family!(Author: former Railway 13th Division