Limit as scheduled!One move can wipe out a thousand horses

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The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government announced on March 16 that 4,285 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Hong Kong, and there were about 7,000 preliminary positive cases.Hopefully, our own and controllable MNRA vaccine will be available soon!Market this force kind, in addition to the middle line continue 5 into immovable, short – term recent rotation is faster!Tuesday noon review: “bottom building in progress! Waiting for new players to enter!!”In the painting of three hair a lot of comrades-in-arms to see, jia Bo chuang once trading today!In addition, colleagues small account full gold yuan shares are standard three in a row, today’s limit!Lingnan shares down trading average position is really very good to buy!!If the feeling is not good at doing short term, it is recommended to repeatedly look for this form, do a good job in this move!By the way, today green bamboo teacher to share the sky board battle method is really good!Articulation: A Lucrative Move!This super short battle method is the green bamboo teacher years of actual combat experience summary!.1. Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and other five major international banks are collectively bullish on The Chinese stock market.CNBC, a well-known US media, headlined an article titled, “From Credit Suisse to Goldman Sachs, investment banks say it’s time to buy Chinese stocks.”The article pointed out that Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and other five big international banks are collectively long China.It seems that these are still in A share deficit too little ah!Then learn to learn quickly!2. The high salary of men’s football team has been repeatedly mocked by Chinese people before!Especially those who earn tens of millions of dollars a year, but in the World Cup performance obscene players!Guangzhou Evergrande yesterday to players collective pay cut announcement, the main pay cut nearly 90%.At the same time, they also released five highly-paid naturalized players.Guangzhou Football Club (FC) on Wednesday released a draft on the recruitment and salary standards for its 100 first-team, reserve, echelon and women’s football players, with a maximum annual salary of rmb600,000 before tax.But to be honest, this is not good news for the future development of Chinese football!The cost of training a professional player is very large, basically at the cost of neglecting their studies, but the final result may not be able to play what fame!Elder brother often goes barbershop boss, in his child 7 years old of time send England practice kick a ball, up to present 6 years, cost almost 7 million, but it is said now want to come back home to do study!3. Yesterday, Russia withdrew its troops, and today, it is fighting in eastern Ukraine…Ukraine has fired mortar shells and grenades into four areas of the luhansk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine, Rossiya Sputnik reported Thursday.U.S. stock futures fell sharply on the news, and major global equity assets retreated.Big A this loser afternoon opening also followed the fall, still A cheap xi xi to be whipped!However, this du du does not think so, whether it is Ukraine or Russia, in fact, there is no plan to start in the heart, but there is a beauty, make a little pattern, like a woman to sit on the ground crying once, that’s all!Solemnly declare: this article only as a record of the blogger stock market experience log, do not make investment advice, operation accordingly, risk!!