Canada took the team to win gold and then wipe the podium, ignoring the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Olympic Committee may crack down

2022-07-14 0 By

We all know that in Sochi we won bronze in the 5,000m short track speed skating, and last time in Pyeongchang we won silver.But this time in Beijing, I thought I could win gold further with home advantage at home, but it’s a pity.Finally, The Chinese short track speed skating team failed to win the podium.To tell the truth, it is a pity to lose this race, it is also very regrettable, originally a good situation, although in the fifth track, but under the veteran Wu Dajing’s force, chasing two positions in succession, has been chasing the third place, according to this rhythm.Gold and silver are not guaranteed, but at least a podium.There should have been no problem winning the bronze medal, but there was an accident on the 11th lap when sun Long fell down without warning and without any confrontation, which directly caused the Chinese team to be left far behind. Although the team tried to catch up, it was too late.As long as there is a problem in one leg, it can almost be said that the race is over. Therefore, we only gained the fifth place in the end, which also makes Wu Dajing’s last Olympic Games, the last race, failed to end in a perfect way.The first place was won by Canada, the second by South Korea and the third by Italy.And then in the following awards ceremony, the controversial scene, this is not South Korea, Canada, when Canada in front of the podium, wiped the podium, this behavior let person some puzzling, also some incredible, because we all know this position is accepted, when the game is not fair, in darkness,The players protested, but the game was clean and smooth, with no fouls.Sun Long also fell down by himself, and The Canadian team also won the gold medal by their own strength, so the behavior of the Canadian team wiping the podium made us feel very angry and very puzzling. The Korean skater had won the second place in the 500-meter speed skating final earlier.The same gesture was used to accept the award, which caused huge controversy at the time.It can be explained that the Korean athlete was reluctant to make such a controversial move because he won the second place.But this time, the Canadian team obviously won the gold medal, but also appeared such a controversial move, this is a bit of provocation, some have no trouble meaning.When pyeongchang, four years ago, the Canadian team at the time of award with the same brush movements of the podium, at that time, also won the praise of the outside world, because of the Olympic winter games, in the history of one of the most black, then South Korea with home court advantage by some dishonorable behavior won the championship, so Canada to wipe the podium has shown protests in the award.At that time the Canadian team did more correct indeed, but also more sense of justice.However, in Beijing this time, there was no controversial penalty, no controversial foul, why did the Canadian team have to do so, so no matter how the Canadian team tried to explain, do not say what traditional habits, because according to the relevant regulations of the Olympic Committee.Any athlete is not allowed to say or do anything controversial when accepting the award, so Team Canada itself has violated the rules. Moreover, as the organizer, we have the right to hold team Canada accountable for such unreasonable behavior. Even according to relevant regulations, if the controversy is great, the impact will be bad.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the right to recover the gold medal from Canada. Therefore, netizens suggest that boCOG appeal to the Olympic Committee and ask the Olympic Committee to punish Canada severely. We hope the IOC will act as soon as possible.Well, that’s it for this episode.If you like it, be sure to retweet it, like it, leave a comment, thank you bye bye.