Among the 10 highest-grossing films in North America in January, “Home to No Heroes” topped the list with $1.63

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In January each year are unpopular months of shadow city in North America, is rare in big released this month, the same is true for this year, in this past January, only a “5” scream “and” 355: bourne identity attack “two is the presentation of film, but also the two movies investment is not large, the overall production is relatively general, so the final box office also have not too much of a surprise.Seven of the 10 highest-grossing films for the entire month of January were released in 2021, with spider-man still the top-grossing film:Hero pocket “, achievement for $163.8 million, is the only movie box office than the list, while the second is a horror movie, “5” scream “that the highest-grossing movie of release in January, reached $62.63 million, and” good joy voice 2 “is to force, sales reached 58.14 million, the list is the only animated film,Another January release, “355: The Bourne Ultima,” took in 13.13 million yuan, while none of the other films made more than 20 million yuan.See the list below for details.No. 10 Licorice Pizza January BOX office / $6.38 million Genre: Love, comedy Release Date: Nov. 26, 2021 United Artists ReleasingDirected by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film stars Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, Bradley Cooper, Ben Stiller, Sean Penn and many others, and tells the story of a couple in the 1970s.The story of the film is good enough, but the overall story is not very bright because it is a romantic comedy. However, the film received four nominations at the 79th Golden Globe Awards, and won the Best Screenplay award at the 87th New York Film Critics Association Awards, which shows that the critical praise is still good.Friends who like romantic comedy movies can pay attention to this movie.9. “Redeeming Love” January Box office / $6.6 million Genre: History, Love Release Date: Jan 21, 2022 Distributor: UniversalIt’s another love story, but set further back in 1850, about the conflicted realities of a young couple.Novel of the same name of the film adaptation of the flange symplectic John rivers, director d. j. salomon kalou cable (D.J. Caruso), before he had taken a lot of film and television works, but show high praise, movies are a few good, this also is not good “who can love me like this?” to which the rotten tomatoes index is only 10%, no super movies, but not the film star,Plot also has no bright spot, whole one “three have no product”, so the author does not recommend to this film.No. 8 West Side Story January Box office / $7.89 million Genre: Song-and-dance, drama Release Date: Dec. 10, 2021 Distributor: 20th Century Pictures What it’s about:Every year the day of Christmas are musical cluster, 2021 is no exception, the house full of magic, “joy good sound 2”, “west side story” fire all want to take advantage of this holiday, no one can fire up the results of the, the west side story also lost his underpants, the investment is said to have reached $100 million, but its box office is only 10.57 million,The cumulative north American box office is now $36.15 million, and the global box office is only $62.6 million.The film is based on the 1957 Broadway musical, and the 1961 west Side Story won 10 Oscars. If the 2021 version fails at the Oscars, 20th Century Pictures will cry in the toilet.And the director is the famous Steven Spielberg, he rarely missed the film, this “West Side Story” huge loss, really let a person some surprise, it seems that musical now more and more not popular.7. The Matrix Resurrections January Box Office / $9 million Genre: Sci-fi Release Date: Dec. 22, 2021 Distributor: Warner Bros. Resurrections January Box office / $9 million.”The Matrix 4″ only took in about $9 million for the entire month of January, which is sad because after 18 years of waiting for what fans expected would be a reinventing classic, it turned out to be a flop.With a rotten tomatoes score of 63%, down from 88%, and a 5.7 rating on Douban, you can imagine how bad it is.Its opening score was only 10.74 million US dollars, its cumulative north American box office was 37.17 million, and its global box office was only 153.3 million. The investment of the film has not been announced yet, including 120 million US dollars, 150, 175 and 190 million US dollars, but according to which figure,They all lost money.In this case, Matrix v is largely out of sight.American Underdog January Box office/US $: 12.58 million Genre: Sports Release Date: Dec 25, 2021 Distributor: Lionsgate What it’s About: American Underdog Is a sports-themed film about the legendary life of baseball star Kurt Warner.As a sports movie, the film has been a modest box office hit, earning $12.58 million in January for a total of $24.8 million, and has yet to be released overseas.355 January BOX office/US $: 13.13 million Type: Action Release Date: Jan.07, 2022 Distributor: Universal What it’s About: 355 Is an action film starring Jessica Chastain and directed by X-Men:Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg (Kinberg), Kinberg as a screenwriter is not bad, “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Mr And Mrs Smith” are his works, but as a director obviously not a lot, “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” was directed and co-written by him, the result lost his pants.355: The Bourne Ultima didn’t fare much better, opening to $4.62 million and $13.13 million in January. It now has $21.76 million worldwide.With a reported investment of $40 million, it was also a big loss.No. 4 Kingsman: The King’s Man January Box Office/US $17.85 Million Genre: Action Release Date: Dec 22, 2021 Distributor: 20th Century Pictures Movie Profile: Kingsman:Origins is the third film in the series and a prequel film, starring Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson, Rhys Ifans and others, with series director Matthew Vaughn at the helm again.Although the film has a large number of celebrities, its reputation is not satisfactory. The Rotten Tomatoes index is only 42%, and Metacritic score is only 44, so its box office is not ideal. Its cumulative box office in North America is only 34.11 million, and the global box office is 114.9 million DOLLARS.No. 3 “Sing 2″ January BOX office / $58.14 million Genre: Animated Release Date: Dec. 22, 2021 Distributor: Universal”The Voice” was released in 2016. It cost $75 million to earn $634 million at the box office worldwide, and the north American box office alone reached $270 million, indicating that the film is still very popular.And after five years, “joy is good sound 2″ finally released, nature of the film are looking forward to, burn goose the film after the release, the result is not ideal, its the north American box office is only 134 million, the global box office also is only $268 million, and a half, box office shrinkage is very serious, the main reason is the film’s word of mouth fell significantly,On Douban, the first film has 8.1 points and the second 7.1.But with an investment of only $85 million, the film is still profitable, and with the box office shrinking so much, it’s unclear if there will be a third installment.No. 2 Scream January BOX office / $62.63 Million Genre: Horror Release Date: Jan. 14, 2022 Distributor: Paramount”5” scream “is the fifth of the series, but the fourth have in the past 10 years,” scream 4 “released on April 15, 2011, but because of the bad word of mouth, due to the box office is not very ideal, the north American box office is only $38.18 million, compared to 97.23 million, worldwide and investment reached $40 million, which is basically a barely break even,The series has been on the back burner as box office and critical reviews continue to decline.This year the latest episode of “5” scream “, an improved on their word of mouth than “scream 4” rotten tomatoes index was 61%, and the fifth is 78%, and “5” scream “at the box office also have a big increase, the north American box office has amounted to $62.63 million, global sales reached 107 million, and its cost is $24 million,It’s a sure bet.In line with this trend, the sixth installment is expected to be on the agenda soon, and those who like the series can look forward to it.No. 1 ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’January box office / $163.8 million Genre: Sci-fi Release Date: Dec. 17, 2021 Distributor: SONY What it’s About: The fact that there has been No particularly strong competition in the north American market over the past two months has helped make “No Way Home” so smooth.It earned $163.8 million in January, the only January film to break the $100 million mark. It has grossed $736 million in North America and $1.74 billion worldwide.Such a good box office, let the studio SONY overjoyed, a sequel is already in the planning, and SONY has previously announced that “Heroes of No Return” will be online streaming on February 28, like friends can look forward to it.