3700 meters above sea level, warm guard of snowy pastoral area

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The Spring Festival is the day of reunion, jiuquan Aksai County public Security Bureau aleteng police Station, the auxiliary police gave up their homes, for everyone, in the pastoral area with an average altitude of 3700 meters with stick guard reunion, to ensure that the people spend a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.The five-star red flag flying above the Aletten police station is particularly dazzling on the Halteng Prairie in winter.The police station is located in the southeast of Aksai County, bordering Qinghai in the south, Xinjiang in the west and Subei County in the east. It has an average altitude of 3,700 meters and covers an area of 19,200 square kilometers, accounting for two-thirds of the total area of Aksai County.During the Spring Festival, the civil auxiliary police of Aletten Police Station continued to patrol every day to ensure the safety of the surrounding areas and herdsmen, so that everyone had a peaceful and peaceful New Year.They set out before dawn and did not return to the police station until late at night. Even so, they travelled five or six hundred kilometers a day, visiting at most six or seven herdsmen.As long as the herdsmen can spend the Spring Festival in peace, it’s all worth it. The only regret is that they can’t go home to accompany their parents, wives and children. But wearing the party badge on their chest is our mission and wearing the police badge is our responsibility, which makes us feel very proud.””Hot uncle, New Year’s Day, we come to see you!”A greeting came from the yard.See alerteng police station police Yang Yong and Chen Guoqiang came, hot uncle hurriedly welcomed out.”It’s not easy for you to come on this trip during the Spring Festival!Fast into the house…”The room was filled with the rich fragrance of milk tea, and the square tables beside the kang were filled with milk rinds, milk curd, fried fruit and melon seeds.”Quick, drink a sip of milk tea to warm up!”Hot uncle’s wife served up the newly boiled milk tea for the police.”Sister-in-law, don’t be busy, we have to go to the next one after registration!”Yang yong said.During the Spring Festival, the auxiliary police of Aletten Police Station carried out “one-to-one” publicity. When they arrived at each household, the police handed the herdsmen a legal pamphlet and a bilingual police contact card in Chinese and Kazakh, telling them: “If you have any problems, just call us.”The police also brought rice, noodles, vegetables and emergency medicine to herdsmen, and people in pastoral areas called them “close friends”.Before the Spring Festival, Yang Yong received a call from song, a self-employed man in his district: “My wife and I went out to see a doctor, leaving only my 18-year-old son to take care of the shop. I was worried about my son staying alone in this desolate area of more than 30 kilometers. I hope the police at the police station often go to see him and give him help in life.””Uncle Song, you can rest assured that there to see a doctor, your son here we will often go to help you take care of.”Yang yong said.During the Spring Festival, the police station in the patrol visit work, special trip to Song’s home, to his son brought vegetables, steamed bread, fruit and other New Year goods, and told him to use water and electricity and heating safety, so that he felt the warmth of relatives are not around.In the cold, loyalty is tested. If you want to get close to the people, you have to deliver yourself to the people.There is always someone behind the lights in silence.The auxiliary police of Aleteng Police Station guard the prairie affectionately. Although they can’t get together with their families during the Spring Festival, this is the duty and mission of the people’s police and the reason why the pastoral people love them deeply.They bear the mission of serving the people and protect the peace and harmony of the masses in pastoral areas.Source: New Gansu