Xiamen lacks land, Quanzhou lacks subway, Fuzhou economy exceeds Quanzhou, Fujian left 3 cities right 6 cities are simple and clear

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Fujian is located in the southeast coast, there are nine city, three city is located in fujian province inland, just another six city is located in the coast of the eastern fujian province, the fujian province is divided into two half, up and down the left side in nanping, sanming, longyan city, the right lined up and ningde, fuzhou, putian, quanzhou, xiamen and zhangzhou city;It’s very simple and clear from the map;Nanping is the largest city in Fujian province with an area of 26,300 square kilometers, while Xiamen is the smallest city with an area of only 1,700 square kilometers.Xiamen is 297 square kilometers smaller than Shenzhen (1,997 square kilometers).As a special economic zone, Xiamen’s GDP will be 703.4 billion yuan in 2021, while Shenzhen’s will exceed 3 trillion yuan.Like Shenzhen, Xiamen is also facing the situation of small land area. If Xiamen’s area is more than a few thousand square kilometers, its economic aggregate may have broken one trillion yuan long ago.Quanzhou as early as 2020, the total economic output has broken one trillion, is currently one trillion cities have not begun to build the subway city, which may be related to the urban population of Quanzhou has not reached 3 million, quanzhou area population only 2.156 million has not reached the standard, although quanzhou seven general population has 8.78 million;If quanzhou is to reach an urban population of 3 million, it needs to speed up the transformation of counties into districts.Fujian’s tourist attractions include Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, Wuyi Mountain in Nanping city, Three lanes and seven lanes in Fuzhou, Yongding Tulou in Longyan, Dongshan Island in Zhangzhou, Taimu Mountain in Ningde and so on.Fuzhou, the provincial capital, will surpass Quanzhou in economic aggregate in 2021, ranking first in Fujian province.In 2021, Fuzhou’s GDP is 1,132.4 billion yuan, while Quanzhou’s is 1,130.4 billion yuan. Fuzhou’s GDP is more than 2 billion yuan.What is your opinion on this? Welcome to express your opinion and seek common ground while reserving differences.