Sequential vaccination, whole-course vaccination, homologous strengthening, read the meaning of these three COVID-19 vaccines

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At a press conference held by the Joint Prevention and control mechanism of The State Council this afternoon, Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the DISEASE control and Prevention Bureau of the NHC, said that the NHC has started to strengthen immunization in a sequential manner with the approval of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council.At the same time, Wu Liangyou also mentioned that previously, where the whole vaccination inactivated vaccine or adenovirus vector vaccine, at the age of six months of the target population of 18 years old and above, can be a dose of secondary homologous enhanced immunization.So, what is sequential booster immunization?What calls whole course inoculation?What calls homologous strengthen immunity again?What do these three COVID-19 vaccinations mean?What is sequential booster vaccination?The so-called sequential booster vaccination refers to the completion of four doses of COVID-19 vaccine.At present, the target of sequential booster immunization needs to meet four conditions :(1) the population above 18 years old;(2) Two doses of inactivated inoculation have been completed;(3) Six months after receiving the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine;(4) No third injection.For those who meet all four criteria, two more doses of the vaccine will be required, but with live attenuated vaccine, in what is known as sequential booster immunization.What calls whole course inoculation?Full vaccination, also known as full vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine, refers to the completion of all required doses of COVID-19 vaccine, as illustrated below.If you have received the novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine (Vero cells), then the full dose means that you have received the required 2 doses.If you have received the recombinant Novel Coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus 5 vector), then the full dose means that you have received the required dose.If you have received the recombinant Novel Coronavirus vaccine (CHO cells), the full dose means that you have received the required 3 doses.What calls homologous strengthen immunity?The so-called homologous enhanced immunization, known as homologous enhanced immunization, means that if you have been fully vaccinated with the inactivated vaccines of Sinoprevenc Beijing Company, Sinoprevenc Beijing Company and Sinoprevenc Wuhan Company.Or you have been fully vaccinated with tianjin Concino’s adenovirus vector vaccine and are aged 6 months or older than 18 years.So, you can have a subhomologous booster, which is the original booster, or you can have a sequential booster with the zyphiracoma recombinant protein vaccine or the Concino adenovirus vector vaccine.In other words, for all the target population that meets the criteria, sequential booster immunization and homologous booster immunization can be selected.Conclusion: Sequential inoculation is heterologous inoculation;Booster inoculation is homologous booster;Both sequential and booster vaccinations need to be completed.If the whole course of vaccination is completed, followed by two doses of live attenuated vaccine, it is called sequential vaccination.If the completion of the whole vaccination, and played a strengthening needle, belongs to the homologous strengthening, that is, do not need to play again.For details, consult the local vaccination site’s professional staff.Update health hotspots and medical pain points every day;If what I said is exactly what you think, then please like, forward, pay attention to Zhu Xiaojun said health!# Health2022 #, # HealthStar Program