Liu Hanchu: denounce kuomintang new warlord crime

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Liu Hanchu (1895 — 1927), also known as Han Zhang, was a native of Huangling, Shaanxi province.An outstanding member of the Communist Party of China, a pioneer of ideology and culture, and one of the founders of xi ‘an Communist Youth League Organization.During the Great Revolution, he was chairman of shaanxi KMT Club and standing member of Shaanxi KMT Party Headquarters.In 1919, he took part in the May 4th Movement.In 1920, he participated in the establishment of the Students’ Union of Shaanxi Travel to Beijing and founded the magazine Qinzhong.After graduating from Peking University in the autumn of the same year, he taught in Tongzhou Normal School and Suzhou Middle School in Jiangsu province.In 1922, he was hired to teach at Lingnan University in Guangdong province. He was dismissed by the university for explaining the crimes of imperialism and feudal warlords colluding to crush the Chinese people.In October, he participated in the founding of the Revolutionary group Co-jin Society and became one of the core leaders of the society.In 1923, he went to Teach at Shanghai University and soon joined the Communist Party of China.In 1924, he went to Kaifeng University, Henan to teach. At the end of the year, he returned to Xi ‘an and taught successively in Northwest University and Sanmin Military Academy under Yang Hucheng. He participated in the cooperation between the KUOMINTANG and the Communist Party and actively propagated the revolutionary struggle against imperialism and feudalism.In 1925, he took part in and led the anti-imperialist patriotic activities initiated by Shanghai May 30th massacre in Xi ‘an.In August, with Li Zizhou and Wei Yechou, he initiated the establishment of Shaanxi KMT Club and was elected as the chairman.In September, I participated in the establishment of the Temporary Party Headquarters of KMT in Shaanxi Province and was elected as the executive member, responsible for publicity work.In February 1927, he became a standing member of KMT Shaanxi Party Headquarters.Before long, he served as the head of Xi ‘an Zhongshan College and presided over the administration work, training a number of talents for the peasant movement and the army political work.After Chiang kai-shek launched the April 12 counter-revolutionary coup d ‘etat, he participated in organizing a ten-thousand people’s congress to denounce the crimes of the new kuomintang warlords.He was removed from office in June.He was killed by the northern Shaanxi warlord Jing Yuexiu on August 15.(Excerpt from Figures on Display in Yan ‘an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Central Literature Publishing House, first printing in May 2014) source: Yan ‘an Rong Media Center