International server has the highest entry rate of heroes in the last seven days, the highest win rate of wrist, the lowest win rate of cats

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Hi, everybody. I’m Nicky.Welcome to international League of Legends mobile game/Hero win rate list!In addition, this list is updated once a week ~ version update has been a week, everyone find their version of the answer?Couldn’t find it doesn’t matter, the content of this small reveal to you the current version of a strong hero ~ this data to: February 14 – February 21 international clothing hero score, appearance rate, winning percentage, ranked game session data (first appearance rate), the data are for reference only, other children according to their grade and the clothes on the environment rational discussion!!This chart is based on all the segments of the south East Asia server.Feburary 14th – Feburary 21st International server data entry rate of each position TOP5 on the road: Norhand, wrist, Galen, Jess, Jiji Middle road: Yaso, ALI, Card, Jack, Akali play wild: blind Monk, Mantis, Jiansheng, weapons, male gun shooter: EZ, policewoman, Jinkesi, VN, Kasha Assistant:Cat, Hammer Stone, Lulu, robot, Lux single (TOP) online mobile games have always been high popularity, high intensity;He has always had an overwhelming advantage in singles and fields!In this version of the change, wrist is unable to escape the weakening, but the weakening is only the early ability, will be forced to push back the strong period of wrist.However, from the leaderboard, the number of games and win rate are high, the main reason why he did not exceed the norhand is: ban!The top five are all single evergreen, version of the four sisters weakened only Kenji;Galen, norhand is still YYDS, as expected simple brainless hero is the road overlord!Version hero: Wrist, Norhand, Galen, Pan Sen, Jess trap hero: Jess, knife sister, dog head single (MID) in the single assassin’s world, the first five have three heroes belong to the assassin direction, mixed with the Guasha Cat lady;Chinese server players like to play yasuo most, did not expect international server players also like!Because the skill mechanism is too strong, assur can be happy as long as he has no brain, traditional mages are not afraid;Assassin is the current version of the answer to the single, the current version of the single Carter ranked sixth, the single carter in the version of the great move increased by 20% damage, especially explosive!Big recruit damage early and middle are very considerable!Heroes: Akali, The Fox and The Wild (JUG) Blind Man and Mantis have long dominated the list. Although Wuji is not strong in the early stage, its debut rate has been soaring.Weapons and men’s guns are the answer, with a steady win rate above 50%, especially weapon masters, with a win rate of 54.35%.Version hero: Weapon, blind man, Mantis trap hero: Amuwood, Dragon female archer (ADC) EZ has been teased, but can not stand the debut rate is high!Novice veteran must be mixed hero, skill mechanism is simple, no brain put skills, wind and headwind bureau can be very good to ensure output, no brain QQQQQQQQ.Policewoman, Jinkesi, Kasha are also popular heroes in international service, version intensity is also high.VN is the real top pick, only VN has the highest win percentage among the top five heroes, so you don’t need nido to tell you which hero to rank.Version heroes: EZ, VN Trap Heroes: Embers, Senna, Derevin (see familiarity) Auxiliary (SUP) Cat ranked # 1!However, the winning percentage is very low, only 39.4 in 7611 games;Nicky thinks cats have this data because a lot of cats don’t know how to operate shields;Cats to lower the body more than A shield, necessary to spell also need general attack to repair damage;Not exactly a version trap, but a lot of players won’t play it.However, the hard auxiliary is still the first choice of the Chinese server down road combination, many AD prefer the hard auxiliary;In particular, hammerstones and robots are very strong in the current version and are optional non-ban support.200 fewer games than cats, but a much higher winning rate than cats;The current version of the hardware supplement will be more popular.Version Heroes: Hammerstone, Robot, Leona, Lulu, Nami Trap Heroes: Wind Girl, Lo, Cat (depending on player proficiency) Q: Are the numbers accurate?A: The data is collected from all the games of RANK in the international server, ranging from hundreds of thousands of games to nearly ten million games. Supported by such huge data, the calculated hero win rate can be used as A reference.Q: Why do heroes with low heat have a higher win rate?A: Low heat ≠ weak heroes. Unpopular heroes are usually played by true love and unique heroes. Compared to popular heroes, the winning rate is likely to be higher under the same intensity.Q: Why don’t T0 and T1 heroes have a higher win rate?A: The ranking of heroes in the strength chart is based on A number of factors: hero base values, operation caps, team effects, events, etc. The ranking of heroes in the strength chart may be more subjective than the ranking of heroes’ win rates based on data.The above is the international server hero score, entry rate, win rate, game time data from February 14 to February 21, the data for everyone to refer to and choose the appropriate version of the hero score.Data for reference only, partners rational discussion oh!