How does Chinese bank card deal with

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Please bring your ID card and a small amount of cash for bank of China outlets.Fill in the relevant information according to the sample application form provided by the customer service staff. If the process is not clear or do not know how to fill in, you can directly ask the customer service staff.The handling process only needs to be completed step by step according to the prompt of the window staff. If you have any questions, you can directly consult the window staff.1, apply for bank of China debit card: legal residents living in China under the age of 16 need to open a debit card on behalf of the guardian, but also provide the guardian, debit card applicant’s identity documents and documents to prove the guardianship relationship between the two.Applicants aged 16 or above should register at the bank counter with their valid id card.Applicants without full or limited capacity for civil conduct shall be handled on their behalf by the people’s court or other relevant departments.2. Bank of China mainly deals with commercial banking services, including corporate banking, personal banking and financial market services.The main source of profit of China’s banking business, it is based on the bank’s core credit products, to provide customers with personalized and innovative financial services.3. The development of Bank of China is based on comparative advantages, rational allocation of resources, and continuous introduction of differentiated products and services;Adjust and improve the internal operation mechanism, further improve the risk management system, make credit decision-making more scientific and transparent;Conduct business in accordance with prudent accounting principles to increase transparency;Establish strict target responsibility system and incentive and restraint mechanism serving this system;Strengthen education and training to foster boc culture.