EStar win streak will tie KPL record, otherwise 5 kills fail to save the master, TTG again lost to eStar!

2022-07-13 0 By

Momo game brings you exciting and intense KPL Spring Competition information!The 2022 KPL Spring tournament has finally started, and the opening two teams are eStar and TTG.I believe netizens are very familiar with these two teams!No mistake, these two teams have met in the finals two times in a row!In KPL fall 2021, eStar defeated TTG twice in a row in the Challenger Cup finals, capturing two titles!The encounter of this time, is the third battle between the two teams recently!But the pre-game predictions for this game are still not promising.Although experienced a holiday adjustment, but the strength of the two teams is still very obvious, TTG is not as good as eStar on the whole!In addition to the overall inferior to eStar, TTG’s absolute main force qingqing, due to the epidemic, could not train with the team, therefore, this match qingqing could not appear in the starting list!For all the reasons mentioned above, this game can be double, eStar is 91-open.There are two possibilities for TTG to win.One is THAT TTG plays super, the other is that eStar plays very crotch pulling!The first game, TTG under the road a wave of huddle to get a blood, the two sides in the middle of the tower to get the head!But then eStarPro gradually took the initiative through operations;Later, eStarPro took down Ssangyong by winning the battle and then knocked down all the outer towers of TTG!15 minutes, eStarPro in a row, knock down two high towers!21 minutes, TTG middle group war hit a wave of zero for three, then win the Storm dragon King!26 minutes, TTG won the storm dragon king hit a wave of one for two, the last group destroy eStar, reverse win the game!Seeing TTG’s difficult victory in the first game, many netizens began to think that TTG may beat eStar and get the start of the new season!But in the second game, eStar told the whole Internet that they lost the first game because they didn’t take it seriously!The second game, early TTG took the lead under the control of the master, but calm Ma Chao with teammates to get a blood!Medium TTG continuous initiative, get the advantage!8 minutes, TTG road push two tower by eStarPro hit a wave of zero for two!10 minutes, eStarPro won the middle group after the middle highland tower, 14 minutes, Calm Ma Chao led the line to steal the crystal, took the victory of the second game!In this game, which lasted only 14 minutes, eStar showed TTG that beating them would not be easy!Both sides of the third inning, the birth of the current KPL spring game of the first five consecutive peerless!At the beginning, Lu Ban dodged shen Mengxi and scored one blood with his teammates.In the middle and late period, TTG continuously found opportunities to cause eStarPro drop points;Ten minutes, the two sides under the outbreak of group war five for five, or LAN get five even the world!But otherwise the five kill, but can not bring the final victory to the team!16 minutes, eStarPro hit the success of the control under double Dragon!In the last wave eStarPro kills two first hand and then press high, TTG three can’t defend crystal, eStar wins, match point!In the fourth round, the new hero 暃 made his debut in the KPL arena.Although it is the first time, but it can be seen that the flower sea of this hero’s proficiency is very high!Although TTG had an advantage in the lineup, eStar only needed 12 minutes to finish the game and finally beat TTG 3-1 on aggregate, making a good start to the new season!With this win, eStar has won 14 consecutive games, and in eStar’s state, there is no problem tying or even breaking KPL’s winning streak!