Yanling tax: tax propaganda month spring breeze heating policy “find” door-to-door rescue solution

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Tax cadres carry out door-to-door guidance activities for tax publicity month.Massachusetts moment news on April 6 – (correspondent Blue jin chardin) on April 1, the national tax awareness month 31st, tianxinli revenue closely around the “tax incentives to promote development Hui qi and into the future “theme, focus on propaganda tax JiangFei new policy, organization tax declare the team into the park, into the enterprise, into the store,We will deliver a series of tax and fee reduction packages to taxpayers, including VAT tax rebates, VAT exemption for small-scale taxpayers, and additional deductions for r&d expenses of manufacturing enterprises.”The door” policy for micro, small and medium enterprises to bail out out on April 1, new tax left for tax refund policy effect, precise ShiCe tianxinli revenue, service to the home, set up special working group for tax rebates, comprehensive screening of the taxpayers eligible for tax drawback, set up tax record, work overtime is a hard to verify, through online accurate delivery, at the same time,For the key enterprises that meet the conditions and are not familiar with the operation to send policies to the door, with fine services to help enterprises should enjoy all the tax concessions.”The tax department’s policy package came at a good time for us.”Hunan Shennong Dongtian Tourism Development Co., LTD. Financial director Hu Miaoxin introduced.”The cadres of Yanling County Tax Bureau contacted me and told me that our company met the requirements of applying for tax deduction, and gave detailed advice on how to apply for tax deduction. Under the influence of the epidemic, such tax incentives really relieved the financial pressure of our company to a great extent.””In recent years, the epidemic has a great impact on our catering industry, which was once very difficult to operate. Now with the tax exemption policy, we can save tens of thousands of yuan a year.”As a small-scale taxpayer restaurant manager He Sheng said happily.After the launching ceremony of tax publicity month, tax officials actively carried out door-to-door guidance publicity activities, and brought to every eligible taxpayer the policy of VAT exemption from taxable sales income of 3% levy rate applied to small-scale taxpayers since April 1, giving taxpayers the policy bonus of “real money and silver”.At the same time, also for taxpayers concerned about personal income tax settlement, social insurance payment and other issues to do a detailed answer.Will be relying on the 31st next, tianxinli revenue tax awareness month, a series of tax propaganda activities, give full play to the exemplary role of party members, the party leading the publicity of taxation and the party power tax credit, comb organization young party members into enterprise tax payment difficulties, plugging point, focus on the new modular JiangFei tax cut policy,Through multiple channels and ways to carry out propaganda guidance and policy interpretation activities, tax spring breeze into thousands of households, to ensure the full release of policy dividends.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original