What would journey to the West look like if it happened in modern times?

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So the four began a new journey to the west. However, they were the only ones on horseback.Thus, the atmosphere is a little awkward……White Dragon Horse 2.0 upgrade successful!So, master and apprentice 4 people sitting white dragon horse car happy set out.Along the way they go through a lot of places, met all kinds of people, different places have different accent will be integrated into the local people’s entertainment, such as the white dragon horse embodiment is the dragon roller coaster tang’s monk is also not so high cold, have a female fans for a group photo, tang’s monk will also cooperate with eight quit the variety of feeling particularly strong, love playing personality haven’t changed a bit…Journey to the West 2.0 does not have the pressure of learning sutras, nor does it need to go through ninety-eight difficulties.Seeing the high-speed railway in the world, Sun Wukong said: I can also become a high-speed railway out of the rapid lengthen the golden hoop stick through the mountain, through the tunnel, with four people fly fast, but also caused certain damage to the world finally…Startled Buddha zu this time sun Wukong’s attitude is better not with the tathagata positive just.Stretch out hand not dozen smiling face person, such as come this one palm did not clap go down thereupon, master and apprentice 4 people again open white dragon horse set foot on the road of west travel they walked through one another place……Then came a city……Two hours later…One day, they were tired of driving while resting and then, a beautiful woman came and the four of them decided to abandon the white Dragon horse, chose the Passat, and started a new journey in the new Passat