Wei Xindong died of illness, started from nothing into wine legend | know wine suddenly

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On February 7, Shandong New Star Group Co., LTD issued an obituary: Wei Xindong, party secretary and chairman of the board of directors, passed away at 8:56 am on February 7, 2022.The obituary said a memorial service will be held at 8:00 am on February 8, 2022 at the Funeral Hall of Zichuan District Funeral Home.The news has caused consternation in the wine industry, as Wei and the Shandong New Star Group he founded have been the face of China’s wine industry for 32 years.On September 17, 1990, the Party Committee of Shandong New Star Group was established, its predecessor was zichuan District Supply and Marketing Cooperative purchasing and marketing Headquarters.After repeated organization screening, the then deputy director of the Luo Village supply and marketing Cooperative Wei Xindong as the general manager of the new unit.New Star is a self-made company.At the beginning, New Star group had only seven people, no capital, no premises, no existing business, and no transport vehicles.Wei’s entrepreneurial spirit was crucial.Circulating on the net a story, 20 years ago, Wei Enchanted to take the product agency of some winery, on the wine table some winery factory director points to the cup on the table to say to Wei Xindong: “if you ate the cup we can talk about cooperation.”To facilitate cooperation, Wei picked up the glass and put it to her mouth.In addition to the spirit, Wei Xindong has always insisted on “struggle”, it is said that he goes to work at 5 o ‘clock every morning, leading the team members to convene 5:30 early learning, his daily workload is more than ten hours.It is this spirit and efforts that have enabled Shandong New Star Group to grow rapidly and thrive.Now, Shandong New Star Group has 33 subsidiaries, more than 2,600 sales outlets, 7,638 employees, assets of 1.7 billion yuan, sales outlets all over the province and radiation to the whole country.Shandong New Star Group’s business covers six major sectors: logistics, commodity retail, financial service, catering service, professional market and e-commerce.It has been awarded the honorary titles of National Spiritual Civilization Unit, National Civilized and Honest Enterprise, National Top 100 Commercial Enterprise, National 5A Logistics Enterprise, National Standardization Model Unit of Service industry, National Top 100 Chain Enterprise and so on. It has become an excellent demonstration enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce’s “Market Project of Thousands of Villages and Towns”.Wei Xindong also received multiple honors from the political and business circles.According to the obituary, Wei was a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), once a national outstanding Party affairs worker, a member of the CPC Zichuan District Committee and former vice chairman of the CPPCC Zichuan District committee.He has won the title of National model worker and National Model of patriotic support for the army.