Spring Festival store “not closed” online sales busy, he Shengqiao a pot of chicken soup Wanlixiang

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Extreme news reporter Zhang Jian “New Year’s Day gift send he Shengqiao Lv ning chicken soup…”With such words, three smiley faces and contact information, weiwei, a white-collar woman born after 1985, sent out a promotional video of her parents’ store gift box containing clay pot chicken soup.On February 4, the fourth day of the lunar New Year, Vivian in jiangxia paper workshop city aunt home.For more than two years, she sent wechat moments to help her parents bring goods to the chicken soup shop on Hillside Street, Heshengqiao Street, Jiangxia District every day, which has become her normal life.Weiwei told jimu news reporters that she felt very satisfied to help her mother do something she could do to let more people enjoy the delicious chicken soup of He Shengqiao and remember her homesickness.On the same day, jimu news reporters from Wuhan Optics Valley, drove 70 kilometers to Weiwei’s hometown He Shengqiao, to explore the story behind a pot of chicken soup.”Authentic Liu” listed the new four board, 40 years after the first brand fission on February 4, 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the reporter from the Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao expressway to xianning direction of the Ansan toll station down, then along the Beijing-Hong Kong line 107 national road driving more than 10 kilometers, came to the Hesheng bridge.Here on both sides of 107 National Road, there are dozens of chicken soup shops, most of them in business, eye-catching signs, most of them labeled “Lvning”, “peace”, “old shop”, “main shop” and other words.Local people told The Eye news reporter that here is the junction of Heshengqiao Street, Hillside Street, Jiangxia District, Wuhan city, and Hesheng Avenue, Heshengqiao Town, Xian ‘an District, Xianning City, rich in the famous jingchu cuisine – Heshengqiao chicken soup.Can say, put aside the boundary mark, here is a street, a pot of soil chicken soup fragrant floating Wuhan, Xianning two cities.There is an authentic Liu Hotel beside hesheng Avenue, Xian ‘an District, National Highway 107.Li Zhi, deputy mayor of Heshengqiao town, Xian ‘an District, told Jimu news that “authentic Liu” chicken soup is the first brand of Heshengqiao chicken soup, which has a history of 40 years.This year, authentic Liu Hotel, like last year, does not close for Spring Festival.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, there were still more than 30 table guests at noon. Liu Shiwen, the boss, was busy until 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon.Old Liu, 56, a native of Heshengqiao, is “not good at words and does not like meeting strangers” in the eyes of his lover Zhou Guiyun.However, as soon as he told the news reporter the story of starting his own business, he began to talk: “In 1982, he opened a chicken soup restaurant by the side of national Highway 107 in a wool shed. After more than three years of hard work, the whole family became famous for chicken soup, and built a two-story hotel next to it, and business was booming…”In order to speed up the development and make the scale bigger, in 2005, Lao Liu set up authentic Liu chicken soup processing factory, launched vacuum bag chicken soup, registered the “authentic Liu” trademark;In 2014, a free-range chicken base was established, raising 40,000 to 50,000 chickens annually.In 2018, we invested four to five million yuan to build a new factory. Now one production line can produce 80,000 cans per year and the annual output value is nine million yuan.At the end of 2020, Authentic Liu Hotel established a joint-stock company and hung its name on wuhan Equity Trusteeship Exchange Center (NEW Fourth Board).”At present, we make chicken soup, giza soup, duck soup into products, sent to zhongbai storage, Wushang stores and other major supermarkets in Wuhan sales, now there are more than 120 chain supermarkets selling authentic Chicken soup liu, hotels have more than 20 wholesale in this.We invested more than 16 million yuan in the new authentic Liu Hotel, which can accommodate more than 400 people at a time!Our products have entered six or seven e-commerce and online platforms such as Taobao and Pinduoduo, and we sell more than 100 cans on average every day.”Lao Liu is confident about the future.How to simmer a pot of good color, fragrance and shape of chicken soup?Lao Liu said frankly, in addition to the temperature and salinity to control fine, the most key is to use high-quality raw materials chicken, mineral water, “only with real materials, quality can be guaranteed.”No. 78 Sister Wang loves douyin, and every year the store sells more than 200,000 cans of “lu Ning Chen”. The chicken soup shop at No. 78 He Shengqiao Street, Jiangxia District, has been reported by wuhan media with a history of 30 years.The store is a physical store of Hubei Gangming Food Development Co., LTD., located in Heshengqiao Town, Xian ‘an District.The owner is a woman born in the 1970s, a native of Heshengqiao Street, Jiangxia District, and a partner of Gangming Food. Her name is Wang Wanli, who is called “Sister Wang” by customers.Sister Wang told jimei news that, following her father’s business, her shop never closes for Spring Festival.Because most of the customers in the store, except for a few locals, come from other urban areas in Wuhan and all over the country, “a lot of people from outside China get a holiday during the Spring Festival.When we open, they can buy authentic He Shengqiao chicken soup.”Since 2018, Wang Wanli, the owner of chicken soup shop, No. 78, He Shengqiao Street, Jiangxia District, has been obsessed with shaking sound. After several times of organizing, her account has 174 works and 12,000 fans.Although there are not many fans and not many “likes”, there are many “iron fans” and the re-purchase rate is high. Many people also take the initiative to help her do publicity.And jimu news reporters talk, a fan recommended, from Wuhan to the young man, “bold” to carry 7 cans of soil chicken soup, then hurried to drive on the road back.”Thanks to the Internet age.Not only Douyin, many people come by asking Baidu on their mobile phones, following the map navigation, and some ask their friends to contact me on wechat to place orders directly, and we deliver the goods by express delivery.””Sister Wang said with a smile.Sister Wang’s chicken soup shop mainly sells chilled products, namely vacuumed bag soup and crock soup. A year, it sells more than 200,000 cans (bags) of “Lu Ning Chen” chicken soup, with sales of more than 10 million yuan.She founded in partnership with others just bright food, development is unambiguous, registered the “brigade NingChen” “peace Chen” two brand, there are two production lines, canned soup up to 11 products, can produce finished chicken soup 5000 cans per day, annual output can reach 150 million yuan, in taobao, Tmall, spelling and 30, warehousing and other network platform sales.How does good word of mouth develop?Sister Wang said the trick: “Constantly adapt to the new needs of customers, innovation.”Over the years, her chicken soup has never added the original flavor of auxiliary materials, to add medlar, red dates, small mushroom, enhance the trophic nature, every period of time to iterate and upgrade.Next, she plans to aim at the pain point of the fast pace of urbanite life and launch self-heating products as soon as possible.In those days, 107 National Highway he Shengqiao Street, Jiangxia District, He Shengqiao Town, Xian ‘an District, just a few kilometers, there were hundreds of chicken soup shops at the peak.Now, jiangxia District he Shengqiao street still stick to dozens of chicken soup shops, is still a beautiful scenery line.Put down jiangxia, Xian ‘an he Shengqiao chicken soup who is authentic, who is the origin of the debate, these dozens of chicken soup shops are he Shengqiao chicken soup “propagandists” “salesman”, the beginning of the report mentioned Vivian is one of them.During the COVID-19 outbreak in Jiangcheng in 2020, POTS of He Shengqiao chicken soup, whether from Jiangxia or Xian ‘an, were delivered to wuhan citizens from Weiwei and Wang Jie, which relieved many people’s urgent needs and conveyed their true feelings and warmth.He Shengqiao Town, Xian ‘an District, Peace Hotel chicken soup won many honors after the rebirth of the fire, the market demand surged, the hot soup in the rising heat, more people from both places to work together, to make the “He Sheng chicken soup fragrant”.”The annual output value of the chicken industry in our town has reached more than 1.2 billion yuan, accounting for almost half of the total output value of the town.”Li Zhi, deputy mayor of Heshengqiao town, Xian ‘an District, said that more than 40 percent of the town’s permanent residents are engaged in the chicken industry, and the annual net income of chicken farmers per capita is 75,000 yuan.Last year, the town was selected as one billion yuan town in 2021, compared with only 10 towns in Hubei Province.At present, He Shengqiao Town has a number of representative enterprises in chicken industry, covering primary, secondary and tertiary industries, mainly including:Xianning He Sheng Wen’s Livestock Co., LTD., Xianning Wen shi Jia Feng Food Co., LTD., Duerholm (Wuhan) Organic Agriculture Co., LTD., Xianning City Hong Sheng breeding professional cooperative, Lvning Hotel, Gang Ming food, authentic Liu Chicken soup processing factory, etc.The blueprint of Heshengqiao Town is to unify the industry standard of “Heshengqiao Chicken Soup”, set up the public area brand of “Heshengqiao Local chicken soup”, advocate “group development”, develop the brands of “Lvning”, “Authentic Liu”, “Lvning Chen” and “Heping Chen”, and improve the infrastructure construction of “Chinese Chicken soup town”.By the end of the “14th Five-year Plan”, through strong policy support and government support and guidance, Hesheng Chicken Soup is expected to exceed 2 million cans (only), reach 10 billion yuan of output value, and achieve tax revenue of more than 500 million yuan.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.