Passenger travel has resumed at heihe Railway Station

2022-07-12 0 By

9 PM on February 24, the genial sunshine through the window of the heihe river station hall, illuminate the neat seat, clean the ground, let each passenger feel sunny and warm, only the silk light alcohol in the air and the flavor of the “84” and radio epidemic prevention and control of the warm prompt, reminds people to time do a good job protection.At the north side of the hall, more than 10 passengers kept a safe distance and lined up in an orderly manner, waiting for the registration of the staff of the landing inspection team.With the changing situation of the epidemic in Heihe, the railway station has resumed ticket sales and passenger travel.According to the waiting room duty director introduction, check “double code”, with nucleic acid test negative proof within 48 hours, out of the city approval sheet, valid tickets, identification passengers, after elimination, ticket verification can enter the waiting area south of the waiting hall;In the waiting hall, according to the arrival time of the station, the trained full-time personnel carry out comprehensive and systematic elimination, and then wipe carefully with alcohol at the check-in desk, ticket window, information desk, entry and exit handle and other frequent passenger contact, to ensure the safe travel of passengers.Seats, floors, ticket counters, information desks and other places have been cleaned clean and tidy.According to the person in charge of the terminal, at present, the drivers and passengers strictly implement the closed-loop management, the vehicles remain in good condition, the station is completely destroyed every day, and can accept the resumption of traffic, isolation and transfer tasks at any time.