Jiao Jiao shouted zhao Benshan in the live broadcast: Be a rebel, the first person to fight against you

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At the beginning of the year eight jiao Jiao claimed that he would quit the mountain media, after their own everything and the mountain media have no relationship.At present jiao Jiao released the material, telling several years of their own performance opportunities, as well as her former husband and zhao Benshan teacher business.Jiao Jiao out of the mountain media is a foregone conclusion, there is no termination, eat melon masses questioned the voice one after another, what is the reason for the break?Jiao Jiao put words: “heaven has reincarnation, heaven rao who”, about Jiao Jiao and Zhao Benshan break this thing in the end have how unknown side of it, the mountain media’s errenzhuan actor Zhang Yujiao suddenly declared that he will quit the mountain media, and said that in the future their own occurrence of anything has nothing to do with the mountain media.She bear a few years of grievance do not want to be silent again, now want to fight back, the marriage is not smooth plus the hardships of life let her lose dream.She also put it out there that whatever goes around comes around.Jiaojiao admitted that she was restricted mostly because of money.She also said that her ex-husband lost tens of millions of yuan, all because of one person, that is thanks to Zhao Benshan.Jiao Jiao said that her ex-husband has declared bankruptcy, bankruptcy is the reason for investing in liu Laogen stage, now her ex-husband bankruptcy is also for himself.But as the voice of doubt is getting louder and louder, Jiaojiao’s one side of the story is not convincing.Coincidentally, Jiao Jiao’s teacher, Zhao Si actor Liu Xiaoguang in the “country love 14″ was also arranged to go out to study, is actor Liu Xiaoguang now fire, schedule has been full row can not open, or as Jiao Jiao and teacher Liu Xiaoguang in the mountain media internal already open the problem?So many years from the mountain media left a lot of people, such as Guan Xiaotong, Huang Shengyi, Zhao Gang, Tie Cheng and other dare to publicly shout zhao Benshan stood in the opposite, Jiao Jiao is the first person.”Country love 14” in the line of zhao Four with Jiao Jiao in the end there is no relationship, after all, they are mentoring relationship.Jiao Jiao public propaganda before, many people think jiao Jiao is Zhao Benshan’s apprentice, now just know not.There is also a rumor that Jiao Jiao is the apprentice of Tang Junjun, who plays Xie Guangkun, which is also unreliable. Xie Guangkun is an early apprentice of this mountain, so Jiao Jiao may have learned how to do live broadcasting with Xie Guangkun. Jiao Jiao is actually the apprentice of Liu Xiaoguang, who plays Zhao Si.Apprentice Jiao Jiao tore Zhao Benshan, zhao four as a master can not get rid of it.In “Village Love 14”, Zhao Si went to study in the middle of the journey, which was somewhat abnormal.In fact, this is not the first time zhao si went out to study in the play.Liu xiaoguang was spotted hanging out with female fans in 2017, the year he was sent to south China to study in a rural love affair.After 5 years, Zhao Four was arranged to learn, the audience did not feel that there is anything abnormal, now Jiaojiao broke the news of her ex-husband and Zhao Benshan things, it seems to be a coincidence, but in time really let people can not help thinking of other things.In the net friend jiao Jiao although age is no longer young, can do things or appear too young, trouble impulse.First of all, the relationship between Jiaojiao and Zhao Benshan is not so much the relationship between master and disciple as the relationship between boss and employee. You are working for Zhao Benshan. Benshan Media is an enterprise, so you feel wronged and can’t do it.Secondly, since it is an investment, there is a risk. If you lose, you lose. There is no way, you can only take your own profits and losses or take out a contract to work according to the contract.Finally, the use of network pressure to deal with master Zhao Benshan, want to force Zhao Benshan to comply, that Jiaojiao is too naive, if you have evidence to take the court to Sue, that is persuasive.