Beijing xi Lin Hai snow in the search of the spring of youth, this free spring really can drink it?

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Beijing west earth is really a piece of feng shui treasure, today we will come to the donkey circle in the network red card to “the fountain of youth” walk!Specific route: checked the data, most donkey friends suggest navigation “bao Lin temple”, we also lock this address, but navigation fast to the destination of the time guide to a pharmaceutical factory inside, the door of the master said from the back of the winding up.My suggestion is to set the navigation to “Paulin Temple” and navigate to the inner road without turning until you see the barricade in the picture below.By the way, “Paulin Temple” is now only a place name!Barricade some netizens call this “broken bridge”, in fact, the bridge is not broken, but the road after crossing the bridge collapsed!Park: Park on the side of the road and follow the arrow below. The road is not very good, but you can drive carefully through ✅ and park on the side of the road beside the Fountain of Youth.Is the Fountain of Youth drinkable?According to local people, many people come to fetch spring water every day.I met an uncle driving “three bungee” filled a car (20 barrels), and talked with him, he confidently said “why can’t drink it?”Went up not far there is a fork, there was a water uncle let me lost [lovely] I choose to turn left ⬅️, it seems to be a forest park, there is an uncle on duty, said that the way up is dingdu Pavilion, I asked uncle about the location of the fountain of youth and asked about this spring can drink?Grandpa gave a positive answer!Guard grandpa’s dog along the fork turn right ➡️ up, soon to the “fountain of old”, leading to the fountain of old intersection sign ✅ is rumored to be rewriting the sign here, the original is “here for non-drinking water, for your health do not drink”!According to this official note, the water from the Fountain of Youth is not a drinking water source!!The monument of the Fountain of Youth was built in the first year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1736).Here is a live spring, long flow in four seasons, taste sweet.Because of its strong activity, low hardness, constant temperature and constant, never dried up, such as new for a long time named.In order to protect natural resources and benefit the people, in July 2018, the renovation of the main and secondary springs of mentougou Youth Spring took three months!According to the inscription, it seems that the spring is drinkable?The fountain of Youth monument The fountain of Youth rises past the first spring, and soon you will see the second spring and another ancient locust tree, which is said to be the main spring.There are a lot of people playing spring water in the fountain. After communicating with them, they all think there is no problem with drinking spring water. They must be boiled before drinking it.The path snow is serious, can only be rerouted along the panshan mountain up the mountain, the road snow forest as if to Linhai snow field……The hillside of the harbor overlooking Shijingshan, you can clearly see the shougang platform, Gu Ailing and Su Yiming won the gold medal ️!Continue to rise can reach dingdu pavilion, but the current dingdu pavilion did not open!Overlooking Shijingshan, Shougang big jump to explore the ancient theory of today, sightseeing, find the hidden beauty of the minority!I am Yunxi, like friends to play together!