30 million for Wuhan, now donated hotels to Hong Kong for isolation facilities, and has hundreds of billions

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After the outbreak of the epidemic in Hong Kong, attention has been drawn from all over the country.The current outbreak in Hong Kong is absolutely ferocious.The daily number of infections is now more than 6,000, and the way things are going, there are sure to be more to come.It is difficult to defeat the epidemic by relying on Hong Kong alone. To defeat the epidemic, more people need to stand up and help from the mainland.Tencent, a mainland company, has announced a donation of 10 million yuan to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic.I believe that more mainland enterprises will soon stand out.In addition, in Hong Kong, many local entrepreneurs have also come forward, among which the most concerned is Adrian Cheng.Mr. Cheng is the grandson of Hong Kong jewelry magnate Cheng Yu-tung.This time, Mr. Cheng donated his family’s hotel to be used as a quarantine facility for Hong Kong.The belt Hotel, which Mr. Cheng donated, has more than 700 rooms in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong.One of the difficulties of the current outbreak in Hong Kong is the lack of isolation facilities.At that time, the epidemic was brought under control in Wuhan because not only huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals were built later, but makeshift hospitals were also built in many places to treat people with mild symptoms and close contacts.Only then could Wuhan quickly overcome the epidemic.The outbreak in Hong Kong is threatening, and if it is not controlled, the situation may continue to worsen.Hong Kong is an international city, home not only to many Chinese, but also to many foreigners, which poses a greater challenge to the fight against the epidemic in Hong Kong.The number of daily infections in Hong Kong has exceeded 6,000. Many mild cases are not admitted to hospitals, but are isolated at home, which is why there are not enough isolation facilities.Cheng zhigang donated the hotel this time, can also be very good to solve the problem, which is much more useful than donating cash now.In fact, in 2020, Cheng offered the hotel to live in frontline medical staff for free.I have to say Adrian cheng is really good.In fact, when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, Adrian Cheng donated 30 million yuan. At that time, His subsidiaries chow Tai Fook, New World and K11 each donated 10 million yuan to support wuhan’s fight against the epidemic.In addition, the K11 mall also reduced rents for its merchants, which contributed greatly to the subsequent economic recovery.In fact, We can see the positive energy of young People in Hong Kong in Joseph Cheng.Although Cheng Zhigang is after the rich family, but in his body can not see a dandy appearance.Joseph Cheng has never had an affair with his wife. He has a very good relationship with his wife. Now He is busy with the family business and constantly contributes to the country’s economic development.Joseph cheng’s father, Cheng Ka-chun, is the eldest son of Cheng Yu-tung.Mr. Cheng is also the third-generation heir to the family.Since taking over the family business, Adrian has continuously increased investment in the mainland, which has also received very high evaluation.In 2019, Cheng was invited to Beijing to watch the ceremony, which is also a recognition of Cheng’s economic and social contributions in recent years.Joseph cheng’s grandfather, Cheng Yu-tung, is a true self-made and patriotic entrepreneur.When cheng Yu-tung was very young, his father sent him to Macao to work as an apprentice in the gold shop of his good friend Zhou Chi-yuan.Many later assumed that Cheng yu-tung had relied on Zhou to make his fortune.In fact, when Cheng Yu-tung took over chow Tai Fook, chow Tai Fook was just a small gold shop.Mr Zhou is hardly a multimillionaire.At that time, Cheng yu-tong was an apprentice, but instead of being lazy because of his relationship with the boss, he worked hard and quickly learned many skills.See Zheng Yutong life and work are orderly, Zhou Zhiyuan also decided to marry her daughter Zhou Cuiying To Zheng Yutong.Later, Zhou let Cheng Yu-tung take over chow Tai Fook.In fact, many people do not know, in fact, Zhou Zhiyuan did not have a son, on the contrary, he had several sons, but he still insisted on Zheng Yu-tong succession.Cheng was not only successful in his career, but also had a lifelong love affair with Zhou Cui-ying.In Hong Kong, almost every rich man of the older generation had multiple wives and concubines, but Cheng Yu-tung had only one wife, Chow Chui-ying, and there was no scandal.When Cheng Yu-tung took over, he expanded the business to Hong Kong.After arriving in Hong Kong, Cheng yu-tung seized the golden age of the shop and grew rapidly.Later, Cheng Yu-tong invented the 999 pure gold model, which achieved great success.At that time, the products on the market are very much shoddy, there is no standard.After Cheng Yu-tung introduced 999 pure gold standard, it was a great success.Later, Cheng yu-tung moved jewelry products to the gold shop, then Cheng Yu-tung bought mines in Africa, mining his own and standardized production in factories.In the past, the jinpu was very dependent on the craftsmanship of a certain master, but Cheng Yu-tong succeeded in reforming the jinpu with the management mode of a modern company and achieved great success.Chow Tai Fook also grew rapidly, opening many branches and becoming the largest jewelry and gold company in Hong Kong.Cheng entered the real estate industry in the 1960s, when he took a risk by acquiring Hong Kong’s Blue Chimney Pier, which he then transformed into a hugely successful New World center.In 1972, Cheng Yu-tung successfully took the New World public, and he was also known as the five real estate tigers along with Li Ka-shing and others.In the 1980s, Cheng began investing back in China.At that time, Cheng Yu-tung worked with Lee Shau Kee, Li Ka-shing, Hu Ying Xiang, Feng Jingxi and others, and they invested a total of 2 billion yuan to build The China Hotel in Guangzhou to support the economic development of Guangzhou.At that time, Cheng Yu-tong and others agreed that the project would be donated to Guangzhou free of charge after the cost was recovered.At the same time, Cheng Yu-tong began to invest in Beijing and built the Beijing-Guangzhou Center, the tallest building in China at that time.Cheng yu-tung also took his jewellery and gold business inland.At the same time, Cheng Yu-tung also actively invested in the mainland infrastructure business, now the Cheng Yu-tung family has invested in more than a dozen highways in the mainland, also made a great contribution to China’s infrastructure business.In charity, Cheng Yu-tung donated billions of dollars during his lifetime.After suffering a stroke in Hong Kong in 2012, Mr. Cheng turned over the business to his son, Joseph Cheng, and grandson, Joseph Cheng.When Cheng Yu-tung died in Hong Kong in 2016, the eight people who supported him were all respected figures in Hong Kong, including Li Ka-shing, Lee Shau Kee and Mr. Tung.Cheng yu-tung also bequeathed hundreds of billions of dollars to posterity.Now, Joseph Cheng has successfully taken over cheng yu-tung’s business, and Joseph Cheng is not only very business-savvy like Cheng Yu-tung, but also patriotic like his grandfather cheng Yu-tung.