Zhang Zifeng Yanxu Jia has not made a statement, Yanxu Jia agent to delete the paparazzi micro-blog, ah this….

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Yanxu jia and exposure of love, but everyone to Yanxu jia love things not strange, but she is full of curiosity, especially when she is suspected of being the national sister Zhang Zifeng.All this is not for nothing.Media pick zhang Zifeng used in front of the phone case, and in the valentine’s Day yanxujia date girl phone case, from the back of the phone case, it is really exactly the same.In addition, the media also compared the height of the girl and Zhang Zifeng and other aspects of the comparison, is also almost exactly the same.Especially compared to the running movement when entering the community, there is no difference.Dig down this detail, some netizens found that Zhang Zifeng before the weibo post of painting like Yanxu Jia, the color of the ear position also like Yanxu Jia wearing the headset.Yanxu’s fans posted last year that She was once jealous of Zhang Zifeng and that she had to use her full name when she was called “Zi Feng”.”When yanxu jia is called Zifeng, she must be called Zhang Zifeng, or you will go crazy,” the article said.Zhang Zifeng Yanxu Jia is still a college classmate, both sides are old acquaintances, pro plus pro is not without this possibility.After all the clues are put together, we have to wonder, is Zhang Zifeng really in love with Yanxu Jia?But because of yanxu before all kinds of love melon, we do not want to be in love with Yanxu Zhang Zifeng.So everyone is waiting for clarification from both sides.But a day passed, Zhang Zifeng, Yanxu Jia has not issued a statement.Is that by default…The whole Internet was telling her to sober up, but how could anyone in love listen?It is easy to be lost in some people and things.Did not wait to clarify the statement of both sides, but to yanxujia brokers SAO operation, silently deleted the previous diss paparazzi with several micro blog.This……It feels like the hammer is a little dead this time!Within a day, netizens’ attitudes also changed dramatically.Yesterday: sister run, today: respect lock.