Which set of picture notes do you like best?

2022-07-11 0 By

In my top post, I shared a few sets of notes that I preferred for volume 1 and 2.These notes, though, are abundant enough to be useful.However, I will also make use of the spare time, the first book of graphic notes in my mind.How do you make it?First of all, I need to refine all of my notes.For example, vocabulary usage, grammar summary.Then combined with the grammar system of primary and junior high school textbooks, supplementary sorting.Secondly, the vocabulary usage, phrase patterns and grammar summary of each lesson in The first volume of New Concept English need to be fully summarized.The book content, the priority is to understand and master.On this basis, synchronization content supplement.Select new concept English examples to explain, understand and master dry grammatical terms.What new concept English kits have been produced so far?One: New Concept English following video, volume 1, volume 2, of which volume 1 has been shared in some audio and video collection for public benefit.New Concept English Book 1 Word spelling.Three: New Concept English four volumes text phonetic version.Next, make: new Concept English vocabulary notes, grammar notes, graphic notes and related video versions, look forward to!