What’s the secret behind a hot product bought at a low price?

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Taiyuan, Feb. 16 (Xinhua News AgencyQuestion: What’s the trick behind the popular goods bought at a low price?Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Biao The same popular goods, different online shopping platform price difference several times;The information of the goods store is the same as the picture, and even has the same quality inspection report, but the quality is totally different from that of the goods store…Consumers online shopping to the low explosion of goods, think is to pick up cheap, actually bought is counterfeit goods, copycat money, many people are still in the dark.”My popular style became someone else’s 100,000 +” “Does your store also have stores on other platforms?The pictures are exactly the same. Why is the same style of clothes costing more than 300 yuan sold for only 70 yuan on other platforms?”Taobao some women’s clothing store owner Sheng Yisha whenever encountered buyers consulting similar problems, are deeply helpless.Sheng Yi sha said, we opened the shop is their own designers, their own model pictures of the pure original brand.After a coat sold by the online store became a hit on “Double 11”, more than 330 shops on other online shopping platforms stole pictures, many of which showed that more than 100,000 yuan had been sold.”After the theft, sales of our popular coats fell off a cliff.”Sheng said, I steal our map of goods to buy a look, is not the same thing.We use pure wool. The fabric costs 70 or 80 yuan per meter, while the counterfeit one costs more than 20 yuan.Different online shopping platform, the same shop picture, the price is very different.(Screenshot of mobile phone) Ms. Sheng’s experience is not unique. Cross-platform theft of a set of promotional pictures and web design of popular products, to induce consumers to buy high-copy products at a low price, the phenomenon of “stealing pictures copy shop” has spread from clothing products “disaster areas” to curtains, shelves, daily necessities and other fields.Jiangsu brand shelves of the shop businessman Sun Sheng because of good picture of goods, sales, encountered other e-commerce platform many stores stolen map.Mr. Sun said that he and his wife as models, paid people to take pictures of the main picture of products, shelf packaging were stolen, some businesses even stole their quality report.”The store with the highest sales volume of nearly 10,000 units completely moved my store and sold goods sourced elsewhere.””Mr. Sun said.Liu Huan, a staff member of an online store in charge of dealing with copyright infringement, said he found more than 80 stores on other platforms stealing pictures, some without business licenses, after sifting through 300 products sold there.Intellectual property lawyer liu told reporters in Beijing a law firm, cross-platform stolen figure copy shop behavior mainly exists in some emerging social weak governance, such as electric business platform, stolen figure merchants mostly through piggybacking on the merchant’s original product pictures and copy to move the original shops, shoddy products, low prices to induce consumers buy high copy in same place an order.”Stealing map copying shops has constituted unfair competition, which not only diverts a large number of customers from original merchants, but also is a new way of selling fake goods secretly.”Liu said.Strong confidentiality, rights is difficult, net selling fake respondents said high copy into industry chain, stolen figure copy shop exist across regional and cross-platform and concealment, a large number of “key to move the store” video software and teaching with network, stolen figure moved shop from the sources to the subsequent production and processing, has formed a complete industry chain of counterfeit, high imitation goods.Online “one key move shop” video teaching.Taiyuan city market supervision related department head told reporters, online sales of goods picture a large number, which is the infringement of the map, the supervision department is difficult to identify, unless the merchants report infringement, the supervision department will further investigation.An online shop owner said that the theft map business is “hit a gun for a place”, even if it is a platform shelves products, he will choose other platforms to open shop.A conversation between a consumer and an e-commerce company.(Screenshot of mobile phone) The most strongly reflected by businesses to reporters is that some social e-commerce platforms’ online stores steal map copy shops unscrupulous, do not deal with or delay in dealing with complaints from businesses.The hardest thing is cross-platform protection, said one of the e-commerce merchants who had their maps stolen. The merchant complained to the platform of the stolen map copying shop, but was asked to register to open a shop on the platform.”It usually takes at least 10 days to open a store, and if it’s not approved, it can take another seven days.”Some businesses reported that some platforms stipulate that it takes 7 working days for a copy shop to deal with stolen drawings, but they waited 15 days and did not deal with it, and the longest feedback time was delayed for 45 days.”A month or two, for clothing makers, especially fashion stores, even if it was handled, it would not mean much.”In addition, the reporter found that there are many third-party software such as “one-click store relocation” online, and social platforms have teaching videos such as “how to quickly copy a peer store”.Mr Zhou of owner of shop of inn of a dress tells a reporter, some steal graph businessman uses “one key moves shop” tool to copy product link intact ground past, page of whole style, detail, all is same, imitate again next produce high copy product, form a complete manufacture sell counterfeit, high copy industry chain.Social networking platform “steal picture copy shop” teaching video.Since the second half of last year, market regulators in Changshu, Jiangsu province, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province and Taiyuan, Shanxi Province have investigated and dealt with a number of cross-platform theft of maps.Cao Zhongxiong, director of the Digital Strategy and Economy Research Institute at the China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Institute, believes that punishment has acted as a deterrent, but more efforts are needed in the long term.Taiyuan Market supervision Administration network transaction supervision section chief Guo Jin believes that, for the illegal network transactions, the key to law enforcement is to strengthen the study of forensic technology means, and the major e-commerce platform to establish communication mechanism, get their cooperation.Many original shop merchants said that for many times to steal map copy shop and other serious circumstances of the business, should be given severe punishment through judicial channels, at the same time to establish the industry illegal business blacklist notification system, so as to play a “punishment, alert a” deterrent effect.Insiders said that different platforms have different attitudes and practices towards the report of stolen map copying shops. Some social e-commerce platforms even provide tools such as “one-click move shop” to steal maps and brush orders, conniving merchants to steal maps and brush orders, so that the cost of stealing maps is zero, which is one of the reasons for the spread of such vicious competition.Therefore, it is suggested that different platforms should unify the scales for the management of stolen map copying shops, establish smooth channels for safeguarding rights and perfect mechanisms for protecting rights, and not sit idly by or even connivance.Cao Zhongxiong said that regulators can create cross-platform collaborative reporting mechanism, especially for more prone to “a key steal figure” “a key move shop” social regulation electric business platform, implement “a repel all closed shop”, maintain a good business environment and the industry as a whole electricity business order of fair competition, promote and promote the healthy development of the digital economy.Source: Xinhua