Linwu: multi-department Spring Festival on duty to ensure road traffic safety

2022-07-11 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, 13 towns in Linwu County started 4 traffic police duty stations, 1 law enforcement station, all police on the road, out of more than 600 police.Rednet moment February 7 – (Linwu County rong media reporter Xiong Hui) from yesterday, the return peak, during the Spring Festival holiday, Linwu County traffic police, station, town and village cadres, road transport and other departments of cooperation, with stick to the post in exchange for the people’s Spring Festival travel safety.Take fixed-point on duty during the Spring Festival holiday, linwu county combined with mobile patrol works, 13 villages and towns in the county launched four ZhiQinDian police station, a law enforcement, the police on the road, the police more than 600 people, police traffic is arranged in the urban road traffic jam, the police and deploy strengthen patrol every night until the morning,Make every effort to ensure smooth and orderly roads in the area.In Linwu county bus terminal, passenger flow has increased compared with last year, passenger travel situation is safe and stable, no major accidents.The Spring Festival transportation Office of Linwu County Bus Terminal strictly implements safety measures for Spring Festival transportation, and carries out classified control on station safety, driving safety and epidemic prevention and control.Chen steam group, linwu branch security LuoYong introduction, deputy director of the company before every car out of the car, there is a an warning would, also will check the driver’s mental state, body temperature monitoring and vehicle disinfection, another is via the three inspection system, according to the classification of the new control measures, to ensure normal orderly Spring Festival.At the same time, in view of the recent low temperature rain and snow freezing weather, the station has taken corresponding measures to ensure the safety of passenger transport.In response to the recent rain, snow and freezing weather, the station will inspect all roads and dangerous sections every day before leaving the train. Through the driver’s wechat group, the station will notify the results of the inspection in the first time, and order the sections that cannot be passed to ban the passage, and immediately take measures to stop work.Up to now, Linwu county did not happen a large road traffic safety accident, the Spring Festival road traffic safety situation is generally good.