Dazhou Yue Xiang in hot sales, limited time special 0.3 million yuan

2022-07-11 0 By

It’s time to change a car and change your mood. Recently, Dazhou Junyi Changan Store 04.03-04.04, price 5.78%,Looking forward to your visit promotion time from April 03, 2022 to April 04, 2022 Yue Xiang latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Dazhou quotation 1.4L manual comfort state VI51,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 48,900 yuan 1.4L manual luxury modelGuovi55,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 52,900 yuan 1.4L manual noble guoVI57,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 54,900 yuan 1.5L DCT comfort guoVI61,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 58,900 yuan 1.5L DCT luxury1.5-L DCT Distinguished type NATIONAL VI67,900 RMB 0.300 RMB 64,900 RMB