“A new type of gnawing is in vogue,” a 67-year-old woman says in tears

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Lead us a lot of parents are children, in addition to reproduce this reason, of course, there is a very important reason is that parents want their old, children can take the initiative to assume to endowment of the responsibility for itself, and moreover, old age for parents to provide for the aged, was originally a we do children’s nature and obligation, and in this process,Children’s retirement for their parents should be based on a sincere intention, and not a little bit of self-interest in it. Only by doing this can we parents live a happy and comfortable life in our old age in most cases.However, the reality is, now we have lots of children, they can’t do mean it for our parents to pension that, instead, they will also have the opportunity in the name of to filial to our parents, but it is in order to meet their own “into the” self-interest, and children so, will only make our parents,I feel my old age is very painful, just as the 67-year-old woman said in tears: “A new type of neet is in vogue, and the filial piety of my son’s companionship makes my old age miserable.”So what’s going on here?Let’s take a look!Readme:Hao Dama my name is hao, a 67 – year – old, I this year is 67 years old, I’m nearly five thousand yuan per month pension, I totally gave birth to a son and a woman in my life, two children and as early as they are small, I would have given us a lot of hope for both of them, of course, I am in this great hopes, will contain then let the two of them,In the near future for my retirement.To be honest, I think this is not too much, but it is all things of sense, but let I didn’t think that is, after her daughter grow up, although she treat me also is not bad at ordinary times, and also to me is very filial piety, but after I want to rely on her to give me to pension this task, it finally fell through.Main reason is that, as early as 20 years ago, my daughter just because of a sudden accident, resulting in her life should be spent on a wheelchair, daily life of the daughter, in the vast majority of cases, depend on her husband to take care of to serve, so in this case, the nature will not be able to rely on her daughter for me to my future pension.Supposedly, at this time OF me, can only let his future pension hope, all on the son’s body, but originally the son is still very clever and sensible, but since he grew into an adult, I do not know how to return the matter, he suddenly become more and more do not let people dislike.In particular, he in the provincial capital after get married, he instead of a little improvement, it is more pain, and even sometimes, I often think of him, my heart is a burst of policymakers, I don’t know what happened, perhaps for a long time his actions, let me feel very uncomfortable.Is also for this reason, before that, I have never thought of in the near future, pension by two children to me, but I have been and his wife, two people together to support each other to endowment, so although this endowment way also is pretty good, but we both saw another old man, at ordinary times there are child care and company, both of us will be very envy them.Just one day six years ago, my wife passed away due to illness, which suddenly broke my original pension plan and arrangement. Although my biggest wish at this time was that my son could take care of me and accompany me, I immediately gave up this idea when I thought of what my son had done before.Therefore, after the death of his wife, and I will continue to stay in the county home living alone, and son a family living in the provincial capital, then more time between us is each have each, originally I thought, the rest of my life estimation is such, but three years ago, my son turned to run home from the provincial capital, said in the rest of my life time, he is good to take care of me and my company.At first, I was still suspicious of my son, but when I saw his sincere attitude, MY heart softened and I agreed. Later, my son came to live with me, bringing his family of four.To tell you the truth, at the beginning, I thought my son wanted to provide for me in retirement, which was really a discovery of conscience. I was also pleased that my son could recover from his mistake. But after living with my son’s family, I found out his true colors.Originally, the reason why my son wants to live with me now is that he can’t bear the high cost of living in the provincial capital. So he pretends to come home to support me in retirement, but in fact he just wants to escape the pressure of real life.Since said son home for me after retirement, so after this time, all kinds of household chores outside the home in the home, were all by myself a person to complete, while the son daughter-in-law more, not to say that he will not do household chores, is not to touch at housework, like household chores in the home, as if is a person for me.This is not to add, after the son family came to my home, he not only never take the initiative to pay me a penny of living expenses, even I take the initiative to give him, he will refuse with a variety of reasons, but is the home of all the daily expenses and expenses, are I a person to bear all.Originally I thought, even if my family, for my son’s son can be as long as the family can be grateful, or is the kindness of what, I also don’t say what, is the key question now is, rather than do that, but they usually do, also let me feel very sad and upset.Although I paid so much for my son the family, but in the process of son daughter-in-law, she never give me a good look, but sometimes I also want to see both of them face, and if I had one thousand with two of them who what unpleasant words, both of them will be indiscriminate, even the hands to deal with me together.And since my son came to my home, my son for a variety of reasons, my pension bank card and bank savings, etc., are all over the past to say for me to take care of, although this is originally my own money, but I usually have to give my son to spend money, so I also do not less look at my son’s face.If I could bear it, I could not bear what happened next. In the first half of this year, when I went to the hospital for a physical examination, I was found to have a bad disease. At that time, the doctor suggested me to have an operation as soon as possible, so as not to delay my illness.I was in a bad mood at that time, but when I asked my son for 200,000 yuan and said he wanted to do an operation for me, his words were beyond my imagination.My son said to me, “If you have a disease like yours, even if you get an operation, you can only live a few more years. As you are so old, there is no need to spend money on any operation. Besides, as the operation costs so much, you might as well save the money for your grandson in the future.”To tell the truth, at that time my son a kind of heartless words, it is really put my lungs to the gas burst, I did not expect, son should have their own gnawing behavior, said so grandiose, even at this time is not even their own face.But now all my valuable things are in my son’s hands, if he does not give me the money, I can only do nothing, I believe that some people will say at this time, encounter such an unfilial son, why didn’t you drive him away earlier?I want to get rid of him all the time, but he persists. You call me an old woman. What can I do?Intestines of say a tao bottom of words, I now be regrets youth, if I was able to see the ugly face of the son early, and can also see through his tricks as soon as possible, then I would never agree to go home for my son to pension, but it is at this point, now say what all late, I can only choose to suffer later in life.Small micro epilogue after hearing Hao Dama readme, at this time my heart really don’t have a taste, originally from children to old people, it should be from the heart, but also do not ask anything in return, but the reality is, now we have many old man in his later years, children on not enjoy all kinds of care and company, to the best ofInstead, in old age can only lead the goose alone lives, while inside most of the reasons for this, it all out on our children, if in this process, if we can do the children not to go to fall into the old man’s strength, or is not everywhere to calculating its old man, and so on, then we old people in later life,It would never have been as miserable as it is now.Therefore, I think that when we are old, if we want to live a happy and comfortable life in our old age, then the first thing is: our old people should always keep a vigilant and wise brain, for children and other people to show their filial piety, is it true or false?Our old man must have a sound judgment.Secondly: no matter at what time, our old people in the face of their children’s gnaw behavior, should be firmly refused, and will be timely elimination of this gnaw behavior in the bud, so as not to cause irreparable losses to their future.Finally: our old people can not always blindly in for their children in consideration, we should also go to think more about themselves, appropriate selfish, will let oneself live more comfortable;Blindly good to others, but will harm yourself.