Zhudonglu Primary School carried out supervision on epidemic prevention and control and built a solid anti-epidemic campus wall

2022-07-10 0 By

Hua Sheng Online March 30 – (correspondent Huang Lihong) in order to further implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, build a solid campus epidemic prevention wall, try to protect the safety of every teacher, students and staff.On March 30, Luyuan, director of the supervision room of Zhudonglu Primary School in Lusong District, Zhuzhou City, led the supervisors to carry out the school’s epidemic prevention and control theme supervision.Instructors visit the campus, focusing on campus disinfection, ventilation, morning and afternoon check whether implementation;How can teachers and students perform when wearing masks?When entering the school gate, teachers and students take their temperature.In class, students wear masks.Line up to take your temperature.Subsequently, the supervisors carefully looked up the epidemic prevention data on campus, paying special attention to the absence of students due to illness and tracking record books;Double-code verification for teachers, students, staff and parents;The situation of teachers and students receiving COVID-19 vaccines;Rectification and implementation of feedbacks from the “Epidemic Prevention and Control Research, Judgment and Work Scheduling Meeting” carried out by the school every day.Read the information carefully.The supervision, strict and strict, pay attention to details, timely feedback to the supervision situation to the principal and the heads of all departments, the rectification of the problems found in a timely track, urge the school to do the epidemic prevention work, keep good campus epidemic prevention and control of the safety gate.