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Aizhai Dehang Miao Village hundred lions will.Photo taken by Zhang Deping on February 14, the 14th day of the first lunar month in Jishou City of Aizhai Town held the “2022 Auspicious week auspicious year, mysterious Xiangxi Aizhai Hundred lion will lion King competition” activity of lion Gao Li stunt.Meng Village team, Liantuan Village team, Jinye Village team…A team dance lion blowing horn, beat the drums from all directions to the beautiful Dehang Miao Village “not lose”, the female team lion dance climb building.Miao men and Miao women brandish knives, forks, sticks and other “eighteen” weapons to guide the entrance of the hundred lions the magnificent Miao women in the table building as a good security.In the middle of the floor, a group of Miao women hold the feet of the table with both hands to maintain the stability of the high table. “Group of lions rob the treasure”, and the lions climb the stairs to rob the treasure.Lin Qingping photo of the lion after the completion of the preheating display layer after layer of drilling and climbing until the lion stepped on the top of the table four feet began to turn around, around, standing, shaking, scratching, jumping, worship and other wonderful performance of each action fierce lion gas strong blue sky and high cliff.Chang-fu zhao is taken to judge according to the shape of the color of the lion, difficulty of movement, performance characteristics, such as rated selected “lion king” winner for both female and male lions “the lion” is intangible cultural heritage representative projects in hunan province during the Spring Festival is xiangxi miao people tribute “yellow dragon” big folk activities, merchant men dragon and lion will help.Every Spring Festival from Hunan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Hubei province border areas of the Miao lion dance team and the people gathered in the village everyone together to sing, exchange, deepen each other’s feelings rich ethnic culture wish home auspicious and beautifulLiang Yonghong editor | Yang Shifang producer | Chen Hao wonderful content quick overview of a minute
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