Only 26 touches the ball, Wu Lei performance low stealth, Li Xiaopeng did not dare to change in advance

2022-07-10 0 By

On January 27, Beijing time, the seventh round of the 12th strong match, The Chinese team lost 2-0 to the Japanese team, this game the Chinese team was suppressed by the Japanese team, the offensive end did not have any two points, and as the national football team’s leader Wu Lei, played 87 minutes, almost is invisible state, which makes people have to say: The Chinese football is really hopeless!As the no. 1 ace of The National football Team and the benchmark to stay abroad, Wu Lei is the first hero for the Chinese men’s football team to enter the top 12 tournament. At present, he also scored several goals in the top 12 tournament, and even scored the final goal against The Vietnamese team.However, he was invisible for 87 minutes against Japan, scoring 5.9 points on 53 percent of his passes, 26 touches, and even when the ball was at his feet, he did not dare to run with it.Wu Lei’s performance is so low, it is also completely understandable, because he has been in Spain for 7 consecutive games did not get the opportunity to play, bench wear, personal condition is very bad, but this is wu Lei, is still the savior of Chinese football, this also shows that no one can use the National football team!Not only is there no one available, but also the selection and replacement of the national football coach. It is really a mysterious choice. With wu Lei’s current state, why did he enter the national team?And his performance on the field, more unworthy to play 87 minutes, Li Xiaopeng why not earlier he changed?Some fans joked that just because he was a former SIPG player and a benchmark in the heart of Chen Xuyuan, the president of the Chinese Football Association, the coach of the National football Team did not replace him. Looking at Wu Lei’s performance, they could only say: There is no hope for Chinese football!