New Year’s Day, a very good day

2022-07-10 0 By

Today is the New Year’s day, a very good day.It was a clear day, with a few white clouds hanging out of the window.I sat under the window, fixing a Rag Doll.Yesterday, while bathing my many dolls, one of the big heads went a little ragged.The first day of a rare free, so, I can only find the black line, to let a white head puppet, restore the original.Lover sits on cloth art sofa to read a book, buttock sometimes moves a few.He looked at me from time to time with his dark eyes under his long lashes.There are several complete sets of tools at home. Yesterday, he used his wits to restore the piece of sofa cushion under his ass.When he told me he had fixed the couch, I gave him ten times the “surprise” of his hard work, cleverness and “outstanding achievement.”After lunch, the child went back to his room to study, morning and afternoon, quietly dripping in the room.In addition to the hearts of parents, life, do not feel her existence.A family of three, just like a few white clouds in the sky outside the window, each doing what he likes.Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, only today, is my own, can not go to the store to open the door, can not go out early and come home late, can sleep a reasonable and strong lie-in, can do a few things I like to do.I really enjoyed today’s day, and it was worth all those busy years ago.